Spencer says it was a business decision

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 08:11

Witcher 3 gets pushed back again

This time new release date is May of 2015

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 08:08

Boarderlands Online is China only release

Coming to PC and mobile devices

Monday, 08 December 2014 08:48

Street Fighter 5 coming to PS4 & PC

Cross-platform play between the two confirmed

Monday, 08 December 2014 08:46

Double Fine again snubs Xbox One

Is being released for about everything else

Monday, 08 December 2014 08:44

Halo 5 beta download is rather large

Sources say that it is a 10GB download

Friday, 05 December 2014 08:13

Hanger 13 is new 2K Studio

Headed up by former LucasArts veteran

Friday, 05 December 2014 08:12

Nothing new from Microsoft at Game Awards

No Fallout announcement confirmed as well

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 08:47

200MB day one patch inbound for The Crew

Fixes issue where you can’t join a Crew

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 08:44

PS4 gets Dead Island 2 beta exclusive for 30 days

One month wait for Xbox One & PC players