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E6850 FSB1333 listed for ?250

by on04 July 2007


At 3GHz

Germans and Austrians has jumped the gun on the FSB 1333 processors and we found that you can pre order the top dual core 3GHz, E6850 for about €250. The CPU should go on sale at the latest on the 22nd, but we expect it to arrive earlier.

The expected American retail price is $266, so Intel is going to make a lot of money on its European sales, as it has already been doing thanks to the weak dollar.

This is suppose to be the fastest Core 2 Duo based on Conroe and the 65 nanometre design. Intel does of course have the QX6850 Quad core at the same FSB and frequency for the ultra high end.

You can pre-order one here.



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