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Corsair has 64GB SSD for ?133

by on11 May 2009


Updated: OCZ has faster 60GB for €157

Corsair is about to get its 64GB SSD drive available for pretty acceptable €133. This is the sign that this might be a time to think about SSDs, at least for some high performance market.

Corsair’s M64 SSD 64GB, 2.5 inch drive doesn’t have such fast read and write times, as it reads 90MB/s and writes 70MB/s but this should be enough to beat most of the mechanical hard drives on market.

The issue with Corsair's soon to be available M64 drive is that OCZ Solid 60GB, 2.5 inch drive is available for €157 and it reads 155MB/s and writes 90MB/s. Corsair can't even touch these read times and availability of these drives implicates that we might be seeing some price wars in SSD market that will drive the prices even further down. That is a welcome change.

As a fast 1TB F1 Samsung drive sells for under €70 these days, of course in 3.5 inch format. The SSD market focus is on speed that sometimes goes above 200MB/s for writing, something mechanical hard drives can only dream of.

You can pre-order Corsair’s M64 64GB here and buy OCZ Solid 60GB here.



It seems Geizhals got the spec wrong. Corsair got in touch with us, saying the read and write speeds are 170MB/s and 100MB/s respectively.

Last modified on 12 May 2009
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