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Corsair officially the fastest memory


DDR3 modules clock 2333MHz

Corsair says that its new Dominator GTX memory has been tested as as the world's fastest Intel XMP-Certified product.

The modules have been clocked at 2333MHz, beating the 2000MHz record previously held by Corsair memory. According to Corsair every GTX module is hand-screened and tested to ensure maximum performance, marking it out clearly for overclockers looking to shoot for world record benchmark scores.

As well as being Intel-XMP certified at 2333MHz, Corsair guarantee them to work at up to 2400MHz with timings of 9-11-9-27 at 1.65V. They are not cheap of course. A single 2GB module will set you back $200.

GTX modules can only be bought from Corsair's online store and come equipped with the company's DHX+ heatsinks.
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