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iPhone in Germany at ?399

by on27 September 2007


Coming on November 9th

A few days ago Apple has confirmed that it will start selling iPhone in the German T-mobile for €399 with a contract. It will start on the 9th of November and the contract will involve saucy subscription for some free minutes and unlimited data.

iPhone is name made to be a data saver and one of Jobs' requirement was to offer unlimited data with the contract. Some other countries, such as eight times smaller Austria, still haven't got their iPhone carriers. Some local sources said that the fight will be between T-Mobile Austria and A1 a part of the Vodafone network but it won't be cheaper than €399 in the best case scenario.

We still hate the fact that you cannot go and buy a normal unlocked iPhone as Apple's sales will be crippled mainly by the fact that many people especially in Germany and Austria won't want to change its carrier just to get the phone. In America the choice was easy as there are only two networks and both of them are bad while in a small 8 million people Austria there are five quite strong providers.


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