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Acer Timeline and MSI X340 tested head to head


CULV showdown

Norwegian hacks have put the Acer Timeline 3810T and MSI X340 to the test, and after a few rounds in the ring, the Timeline came out on top.

Reviewers found the X340 had worse battery life than the Timeline, and that it was a bit more noisy and had a poor keyboard as well. The biggest issue was battery life, as they managed to squeeze out 350 minutes of video playback from the Acer, whereas the MSI managed a mere 150 minutes. Idling, the Acer managed more than 550 minutes, which sounds incredible, while the X340 gave up after just 230.

As for the performance benchmarks, there's a catch. The Timeline is based on a SU3500, has more memory and a bigger hard drive, while the X340 is based on the Celeron 723, so it's really not a fair fight. But the guys at Teknofil have a simple explenation. They tested two similarly priced machines, and as the X340 is pricier than the Timeline, you get a less powerful CPU for the same cash.

The X340, however, features a much more attractive and slimmer design, and you obviously have to pay a premium for style.

You can check out the review here. (Google translation)
Last modified on 22 June 2009
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