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Thursday, 29 July 2010 10:03

Intel does not need Israel

Written by Nick Farell

Depends how much they pay us
Intel Executive Vice President David Perlmutter has bluntly told the Israeli government that however much it pays the chip maker to set up a new plant in Israel will decide if the project goes ahead.

Intel and Israel have had a long love affair of grants and establishing plants. At present the company is the country's largest private employer in the high-tech industry, with more than 7,000 employees, and it is also the largest exporter, with exports of two billion dollars in 2009.

However Perlmutter told YNet that the Kiryat Gat plant needs upgrading. Intel asked for a $405 million grant, as part of an overall investment of $2.7 billion that it is implementing. He is quoted as saying that the grant has a great deal of importance in decision making. It is important for me to clarify that the decision on the grant will have a deciding influence on whether we establish the plant here or not.

“Intel has other alternatives," Perlmutter noted. It is a veiled threat as the Israelis have not come up with the cash yet and the claim that Intel could take its factory plans and run might make the country break out in a cold sweat.
Last modified on Thursday, 29 July 2010 10:55

Nick Farell

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+8 #1 pogsnet 2010-07-29 12:14
How about build a plant in IRAQ or Afghanistan?

You can help a lot of jobless people there besides making bombs and other self destructing weapons.
+12 #2 BernardP 2010-07-29 13:38
Same old story with big multinationals: They know how to play the game against politicians who are always afraid of job and investment loss.
+15 #3 dicobalt 2010-07-29 15:19
Let us do the math:
($405 million) / (7000 jobs)
= $57857 per employee

Does Intel always get free labor in Israel? Why bother with the Intel plant when Israel can put everyone on unemployment for less money lol
+3 #4 AMD 2010-07-29 17:38
Israel is already a very risky place for investing and yet Intel would invest "heavily" in Israel...
So, such news really doesn't make sense to me... what makes more sense is that, definitely, what goes behind the scenes is unrelated to this news.

lol @mi1400
+8 #5 mi1400 2010-07-29 18:06
INTELfidels its never too late to convert, let us show you the devine path. Arabian Micro Devices... Dresden Fab ... Hail Germany!
+1 #6 Tr0y 2010-07-30 08:50
One of the main reasons why I prefer AMD over Intel (besides the unbeatable low CPU prices) is the fact that with buying Intel products you support the Israel apartheid regime.
+2 #7 hoohoo 2010-07-30 16:53
@Tr0y - actually Israel is supporting Intel.

Me, I wondered where the hundreds of millions of dollars Intel gave Dell came from... now I think I know. It came from government subsidies.
+2 #8 AMD 2010-07-31 01:02
"hundreds of millions of dollars"
where did you get this peace of information from? And I bet Intel has enough money to buy all of "Dell".

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