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Friday, 20 August 2010 10:24

Gamers want XFX Fermi cards

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Nvidia to blame
Gamers want XFX based Fermi cards, we've heard it ourselves and the company sources have confirmed it on a few occasions.

The story is quite simple, Nvidia is still punishing XFX for going with ATI chips and they are simply not happy that this long time Nvidia-only supporter wanted to turn to the red side.

As Nvidia is not powerful enough to punish guys like Palit and the companies around this brand, it tends to focus its hate on XFX.

XFX long time brand supporters want Fermi cards, they wanted Geforce GTX 480, they would go for GTX 470 and especially some overclocked GTX 460 cards, but Nvidia still doesn’t let XFX do what it knows best.

ATI is profiting here as XFX is turning all of its talent and sales force on their products and some special cards such as Radeon HD 5970 with a massive overclock and 4GB of memory. Gamers are the ones to suffer as some of them only want XFX cards and nothing else, but still some of them want Nvidia and nothing else.

The ball is in Nvidia’s court and in the meantime XFX are selling more and more AMD cards and more customers switching to ATI just because XFX is doing well. Unless Nvidia's sales machine reasons, they are risking losing all XFX fans to ATI. With BFG out of the picture this is the last thing that Nvidia needs, especially now that ATI has never been stronger.
Last modified on Friday, 20 August 2010 10:56
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+79 #1 AndreiD 2010-08-20 12:03
Well XFX made a great move when they turned to ATI.
Look at BFG, a nVidia partner which didn't jump into the red boat.... now they're bankrupt.
nVidia is stupidly treating it's partners badly until few of them are left, what then?
-87 #2 robert3892 2010-08-20 12:05
Fuad, this is the worst article you've written. Customers prefer and want EVGA based NVIDIA cards and other brands. It was XFX's decision to sell a competing brand so NVIDIA is going to rightfully award more Fermi's to a dedicated partner. NVIDIA has more than enough partners at present. That is the way the industry works
+34 #3 canerpense 2010-08-20 12:08
As a XFX Patriot who is still using his XFX GTX285 XXX Edition card, I personally think that Nvidia is punishing itself with such a poor decision.

XFX has a great reputation in Europe for their customer support and quality of their products.

I really wish(and prefer) to have my next card XFX branded and has a 28nm Nvidia GPU inside.
+42 #4 FoxMontage 2010-08-20 12:42
Personally, this time round I jumped the green boat and got myself an XFX 5850 because of the brand.

If I remember correctly, XFX were left out in the cold when GF100 was launched, because there simply weren't enough chips to go round, and nVidia chose to abandon them because they weren't a dedicated nVidia partner. XFX were then forced to sell only ATi GPUs.

It's kind of stupid for nVidia to "punish" the people who are actually getting their products to the market.
+3 #5 FakeJ 2010-08-20 13:53
Good use of facts in this article,

"Gamers want XFX based Fermi cards, we've heard it ourselves and the company sources have confirmed it on a few occasions."

At least they got two reputable sources, anecdotal evidence AND "company souces". Who knows if Nvidia even has chips to sell to XFX? Seems to me NVDA should be selling these cardsd however/whenever they can.
+42 #6 Scootiep 2010-08-20 14:17
robert3892, really? The only thing overly attractive about EVGA over XFX was their step up program and honestly, how many of us are going to upgrade to another new card 90 days or less after just purchasing one? XFX's lifetime warranty is even transferable to another owner, EVGA's is not. I've owned EVGA, XFX, BFG, Sapphire, Powercolor and PNY cards before and XFX holds its own right at the top of my list. nVidia screwed up big time by ostracizing XFX and hurt themselves in the process. In addition, Faud has actual facts on his side, all you have is hearsay and opinion.
+23 #7 spede 2010-08-20 16:03
I'm glad Fuad is happy about AMD's success.
+17 #8 Alexko 2010-08-20 16:38
I think this article is a tad simplistic. NVIDIA has done some pretty stupid things in the past, but refusing to sell chips to XFX just because they're mad, when they have trouble making a dent in AMD's market share? That just seems too stupid.

A more likely explanation is that NVIDIA just can't supply that many partners with GF100s, especially since the latter appears to have been EOLed. The fact that BFG went under due to lack of allocation, and in spite of their loyalty to NVIDIA is, I believe, a testament to that.

NVIDIA doesn't have GF100s for everyone, and they're selling them to exclusive partners first. That seems to make sense to me. And considering how successful Evergreen is, I doubt XFX really minds all that much.
+17 #9 CompWiz 2010-08-20 19:13
Quoting Alexko:
The fact that BFG went under due to lack of allocation, and in spite of their loyalty to NVIDIA is, I believe, a testament to that.

BFG being loyal to nVidia wasn't what was keeping BFG almost afloat, that was specifically what was killing BFG. Over the last couple generations nVidia misteps have repeatedly been hurting their distributors. Their cards have had increasingly high costs, and decreasing profit margins. nVidia loyalty killed BFG.

If XFX had also remained completely loyal to nVidia, they might also be going bankrupt right now.
+4 #10 Alexko 2010-08-20 19:51
Quoting CompWiz:
BFG being loyal to nVidia wasn't what was keeping BFG almost afloat, that was specifically what was killing BFG. [...]

That was my point! BFG went under because they didn't have enough GF100s to sell, NVIDIA wouldn't allocate sufficient chips to them. Yet they had no reason to punish BFG since they had been a loyal and exclusive partner. So it wasn't punishment, just insufficient supply.

Therefore, I don't think that NVIDIA refused to allocate GF100s to XFX because they were mad at them for selling ATI GPUs, but simply because they didn't have enough, and chose to sell the few chips they had to exclusive partners.

The point being that NVIDIA isn't deliberately shooting itself in the foot, just prioritizing.

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