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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 12:51

Origin PC rolls out EON17 gaming notebook

Written by Slobodan Simic

17.3-inch beast

Origin PC has rolled out yet another notebook that will be a part of its EON series of gaming notebooks, the EON17. This one packs a 17.3-inch fullHD screen, DirectX 11 graphics and some serious CPU power.

The full specs include a bunch of Core i7-9x0 CPUs or the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 980X six-core CPU, single or SLI Nvidia GTX 480M, up to 24GB of memory, up to 1TB of HDD or up to 512GB of SSD storage space, and a DVD or Blu-Ray optical drive. Bear in mind that this is a full-sized beast with full keyboard, including the numeric pad, and has a multi-gesture touchpad.

It also features five internal speakers and one internal subwoofer, three USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, eSATA, FireWire and HDMI, DVI outputs. It can be ordered with either Home, Ultimate or Professional Windows 7 64-bit OS and features a Polymer Smart Lithium-Ion battery for 88WHr.

The only drawback is that this one weighs 12.1lbs with battery or around 5.5kg. The price starts at US $2,499 and you can check it out here.

Last modified on Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:14
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-1 #1 Nooblet 2010-09-28 14:03
this looks like a refurbished laptop from 1999.
+5 #2 shandman 2010-09-28 14:47
512 GB SSD?! That by itself is probably going to be 50% the cost of the laptop if someone chooses that as an option.

I think a good gaming laptop would be 14.1" to 15.4" with a mid-range card that doesn't heat up, mid-range processor like i5, and an SSD.

17.3 just doesn't isn't portable with all that gear.

Problem is mid-range laptop video cards (even though they are close) still don't perform up to par and SSDs with good storage are still expensive. I give it another 3-5 years before we have the perfect portable gaming laptop.
+10 #3 yasin 2010-09-28 16:33
its not really a laptop.its like a portable desktop if you see what i mean?but the specs are just insane :)
-2 #4 blandead 2010-09-29 10:40
Maybe if you just take the battery out and only use it while plugged in it can still be 'portable' :D I'm surprised there was no mention of 3d capability with how much money it costs in the first place.

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