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Monday, 04 October 2010 07:59

Duke Nukem Forever previewed and listed

Written by Nedim Hadzic

Last time we've heard "when it's done"
We’ve scoured plenty of ancient manuscripts and not one of them indicated that prophecies of “launching when it’s done” means February 2011, but Duke Nukem Forever is now listed on Amazon and Gamestop with the date Feb 1, 2011. Furthermore, there is also live footage that you really should see.

As far as the preview goes, it seems just like the good old Duke - defecating, beating up bad guys and making it look as well as sound good. It appears like the devs did their best to retain the same feel but check it out for yourself - you'll surely find everything just like you've left it in the previous installment, and then some. We love the last line though. Really, that kind of honesty is hard to find.

Note however that Gearbox acted quickly to shoot the alleged date down and the company claims it’s basically just a placeholder and not to be regarded as launch date. We, on the other hand, couldn’t care less as this is the first actual fixed date we can hang on. And hang we will. And we intend to hold on to it like God’s truth until it gets pushed back by a few months and, hopefully, released. Why? Well tell me – what are few measly months compared to 13 years?

You can read more here.

Last modified on Monday, 04 October 2010 08:27
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+11 #1 Warhead 2010-10-04 13:12
"As far as the preview goes, it seems just like the good old Duke..."

So are we expecting the memorable quote: "I got balls of steel!" :lol:
+9 #2 freaq 2010-10-04 14:25
I got to play it and was there, (got to play 12 minutes, and also a second level which was not showed in the vid.

the shooter mechanics are actually really good, the humor is there, and it;'s great fun!

the second level was a level in which the duke starts driving in this monster truck, an eventually runs out of gas and starts fighting.

it was working really well, controls worked very fluiently, and the levels looked good.

overall great looks, great gameplay and great humor. i got to taste it for 12 minutes, (i thought i could have a laugh)
but it was GREAT

or as the Duke says... but after 12 years... it FFin should be :P
-2 #3 Wolfdale 2010-10-05 12:44
i liked duke.. a lot..
but this new one , even tough it looks good,

its just gonna be like MW2 singleplayer. at the end you realize u have been fooled into spending 55 euro

this game might have been overhyped too much, i mean.. even the company itself makes publicity stunts using their pathetic 13 year delay lies,

do you really believe they worked on it for 13 years?
it would be near impossible given the fact the changes in the pc hardware over the past few years alone (dropping DOS based OS, x64 being commonly accepted, multitreading and so on)

its a well played publicity stunt, and i must admit the looks are pretty nice, but far from what other shooters (crysis, mw2) have allready showed us

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