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Friday, 15 October 2010 11:14

AMD reports better than expected Q3 numbers

Written by

Still in the red, but improving
AMD has announced Q3 earnings and analysts agree that the results were better than expected, despite the fact that AMD reported a net loss of $118 million.

Revenue was $1.62 billion, down 2 percent sequentially, but somewhat higher than Wall Street estimates. AMD’s gross margin was 46 percent, which managed to compensate for a drop in consumer demand.

AMD’s graphics business, or ATI as we’ll always call it, delivered $390 million in revenue with an operating income of $1 million.

The company announced that its ASPs dropped slightly and that it would introduce its first Fusion APUs sometime in Q4.
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-97 #1 AMD_ciulpia 2010-10-15 11:29
vs Intel $11.1 billion.

Bye, bye AMD. 8)
+75 #2 robert3892 2010-10-15 11:42
AMD is the only competitor and without them Intel can charge whatever they want to for CPUs and related licenses. AMD is still a company that is needed. They just need to find a competitive edge
+56 #3 hellfire 2010-10-15 11:57
AMD is needed indeed, for Intel and Nvidia sake. Without this small stronghold they can charge wheather they want, try to imagine GTX480 for 500$ on start without ATI :-)
+28 #4 BernardP 2010-10-15 12:09
ATI has a revenue of 390 M$, but only 1 M$ net income? This while having the upper hand over NVidia for one year? Something is not right if they can't make big profits in their current market position.
+16 #5 Jaberwocky 2010-10-15 12:37
Wow with that profit margin i expect Hicks & Gilette to make a bid for the company any day now once they have finished off liverpool FC :-)
+33 #6 Bl0bb3r 2010-10-15 14:35
They had $1.6 bln income, what's to complain about?

They ARE a company in debt after the illegal activities of Intel in the past 8 years, and continuing, and after the purchases needed for the company to expand. They still have a lot to pay, but once that is over its full profits in their own pockets.

Anyway, they're on the climb. IBM joined in on the Opteron 6000 sales, Apple is on board, they've sold 25 million Evergreen GPU's so far, their position in the graphics segment will be strengthen thinking at the monsters they will unleash, their market position in mobile segment will also see better days once their APU's will be launched, and later in 2011 we'll see Bulldozer make a dent in Intel's overpriced market share.
+8 #7 yourma2000 2010-10-15 15:49
Quoting Jaberwocky:
Wow with that profit margin i expect Hicks & Gilette to make a bid for the company any day now once they have finished off liverpool FC :-)

A bit tasteless and stale to people who watch ordinary news
-6 #8 stoneeh 2010-10-16 10:00
what the? how does AMD still manage to post losses with their current lineup of graphic cards?

their graphics section only delivered 1 million revenue on 390 million income? how the hell did that happen? they didnt even engage in price competition with nvidia, because they have the superior product and dont have to cut prices even now hd5xxx is nearly a year old. how would this have looked if nvidia had a competitive product, let alone a superior product?

thank god i am not invested in AMD, they make nice hardware but they should just leave business, they will never post a profit quarter again (unless they win another billion off intel lawsuits)

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