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Thursday, 11 November 2010 09:28

Trinity Fusion planned for 2012

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Bulldozer based two to four cores
We were heart broken to see that Komodo is a second generation Bulldozer with 8-cores and not a funky cool APU with graphics inside. Well, there will be a market for high end desktops that will always like to have an additional graphics card. Still, we kind of hoped that this 8-core APU could have graphics that could do the work unless you need a lot of gaming power, something like Nvidia´s Optimus.

Trinity is the new APU, something that comes after Llano. The vague specification claims that the core inside of Trinity is based on Bulldozer and that you can expect two to four cores.

Again, AMD will face some manufacturing process limitations as the chip planned for 2012 is still going to be a 32nm while Intel should have many 22nm shipped by that date. In power sensitive designs such are tablets and notebooks; this will definitely make a big difference as Intel has a good chance of being cooler.

The GPU is of course DirectX 11 capable as DirectX 12 specification might only be finalized by late 2012. If the Bulldozer core is a success, AMD might have a fighting chance at least in some parts of mainstream and essential markets.

Trinity will launch after Ivy Bridge, that reportedly has double the graphics power of Sandy Bridge, so Sandy's good-enough graphics will get much better. Since Intel currently has a much better CPU architecture, AMD will have a hard time fighting off the new designs.

Ontario and Zacate will get replaced by 28nm Krishna CPUs that come with two to four cores and a DirectX 11 graphics part.

Last modified on Thursday, 11 November 2010 10:23
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+7 #1 agent_47 2010-11-11 12:00
y do we need a 8core with grafix....if u have that much cash, u might as get a discrete.........
+4 #2 The_Countess 2010-11-11 12:38
Quoting agent_47:
y do we need a 8core with grafix....if u have that much cash, u might as get a discrete.........

because of the same reason its called a APU. even a medium sized gpu can do some things much faster then a 8 core cpu. physics en AI calculations come to mind.
and instead of having to give up some of the performance of your discrete card you have a 2de card to do them on.
+7 #3 Blue Fear 2010-11-11 13:30
In another article Faud claimed Intel would be late to 22nm transition.
+4 #4 thomasg 2010-11-11 20:16
I want to know why AMD be making 32nm processors in 2012 when they'll have 28nm graphics cards in mid 2011.
+5 #5 JAB Creations 2010-11-11 20:22
AMD having a fighting chance? The article's Fuad writes are like, "Oh yeah, there's that other company that makes processors." Yeah that other company that gives us products are both awesome and affordable. When Intel stops screwing over their customers for say five years I might willingly buy an Intel based system though I don't see that happening, my Phenom II system kicks more then enough ass for what I do (lots of production and some gaming) and there's always the issues of having self-respect and taking your girlfriend out instead of blowing a grand on just a processor.
+3 #6 loadwick 2010-11-12 02:52
@JAB Creations

I second that, i love that Intel seem to be moving along at such a fast pace but AMD will get my money for the time being.
Since AMD handed Intel their own ass with the Athlon64 I have never seen Intel so active. We now have 32nm, 6 core beasts running at 4GHz+. Just around the corner Sandy Bridge looks to clock easily over 5GHz and 22nm Ivy Bridge is still meant to be on track for 2H 2011!
But AMD has the value for money catagory sown up. I have a quad core, running at 3.9GHz for £70, a great motherboard for £64 and a 4870 for £89! All brand new when i bought it over a year and half a go. I wouldn't get shit for that with Intel!

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