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Monday, 20 December 2010 13:54

US Vice President calls Assange a “terrorist”

Written by Nick Farell

Highest attack from the US government
In what is the most high-profile attack against Wikileaks yet, US Vice President Joe Biden, dubbed Julian Assange a "hi-tech terrorist".

Biden claimed that by leaking diplomatic cables Assange had put lives at risk and made it more difficult for the US to conduct its business around the world. So far comments from the White House have been somewhat benign, but Biden's statements are starting to show that Washington really is miffed by the leaks.

Interviewed on NBC's Meet the Press, Biden was asked if the administration could prevent further leaks, as Assange warned last week. "We are looking at that right now. The justice department is taking a look at that," Biden said, without elaborating.

Currently the US is falling over itself to find a criminal charge it can pin on Assange, although it is unlikely that they will find anything. It looks like calling him a terrorist will be an excuse to send a cruise missile winging his way. After all Assange is wearing a homing device as part of his conditions of bail. It would be a doodle to tune a Tomahawk to that frequency.

Last modified on Monday, 20 December 2010 17:17

Nick Farell

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-132 #1 Greg4422 2010-12-20 14:13
I've been saying this loser/rapist is a terrorist for months. I feel vindicated!!!
Let the flaming begin
+62 #2 yourma2000 2010-12-20 14:41
What he's done doesn't label him as a terrorist, we've yet to find any information in the cables that could potentially put western countries in danger, anyone against him and calling him terrorist or rapist is up their own governments lying arsehole
+74 #3 fingerbob69 2010-12-20 14:51
Joe Biden - no one minds a fool until he opens his mouth and proves he is one!
+38 #4 Nerdfighter 2010-12-20 15:05
The rape charges are probably BS. Rumors say that he "raw-dogged" some girls and they originally wanted him tested, but political pressure turned it into a rape charge. Why don't the politicians learn, that the more they hate on Assange, the more they look like hypocrite liars.

PS. Typo in the title. Says Assanage instead of Assange.
+27 #5 FistOfGod 2010-12-20 16:38
Joe Biden? The RIAA/MPAA mercenary? Who'd ask such a vividly corrupt man about his opinions on anything? Sheesh, shut your idiotic mouth, Joe.
+24 #6 vAro 2010-12-20 16:50
Never heard such a bullshit..
+27 #7 spigzone 2010-12-20 18:07
[censored]tards call him a 'terrorist' when they CAN'T EVEN FIND A LAW HE'S BROKEN TO BRING CHARGES AGINST HIM.

The only 'terrorist' here is Biden.
+34 #8 codechimp 2010-12-20 18:24
Hey wasn't there a guy in the bush administration that leaked cia operatives as some sort of payback? By Joe Biden's logic, he'd be a terrorist too. Truthfully I'm tired of America labeling everything it dislikes as terrorism.
+32 #9 function69 2010-12-20 20:18
The ironic part is that governments are the BIGGEST terrorists out there. It's also very sad that nowadays if you reveal the truth you are called a terrorist. This is the end of FREE world as we know it.
+4 #10 deadspeedv 2010-12-21 11:41
The US is in recession right now. So they want a good war to improve their economy. Hence why they are trying so hard to piss the North Koreans off with their war games so close to the border. Hopefully information from wikileaks will help open everything up and help prevent another Korean war

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