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Dell and HP drop Adamo and Envy prices

More pressure on MacBook Air
Dell and HP have chosen to cut the prices of their ultrathin 13-inchers in an effort to put a tad more pressure on Apple's MacBook Air.

We must admit that we have a weak spot for thin and light 13-inch notebooks, as they provide good portability and a decent screen in a compact form factor. We reviewed the Air and Adamo some time ago and we loved them, but they were always a bit too pricey for most consumers.

However, Dell has chosen to slash the price of the Adamo 13 from $1,099 to $899. This sounds like a pretty good deal, especially if you factor in recent hardware upgrades. The Adamo features a 2.1GHz processor, 4GB of memory and 128GB SSD.

Not to be outdone by Dell, HP has also offered a $450 instant rebate on its Envy 13. The price now stands at $999 and this is quite impressive considering the specs. The Envy includes a  1.6GHz Core 2 Duop, 3GB of memory, 250GB of storage, Radeon HD 4330 graphics with 512MB of memory and even an external DVD burner.

At $1,299 MacBook Air now costs a tad more than the competition, but we believe it still looks a bit better.
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