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Monday, 03 January 2011 14:38

BitFenix Colossus computer case tested - 2. The look: Outside

Written by Sanjin Rados


Review: The legend of Colossus

BitFenix Colossus is a full tower case weighing in at 18 kilograms. It measures 245mm x 582mm x 558mm (W x D x H).

There’s no doubt that Colossus is a charmer, especially with the lights turned on. LED lights can switch from blue to red and cover the front and the sides of the case.


The front panel is opened by a simple tug. BitFenix used SofTouch material for the front ant top panels, and it’s nice and soft on touch. The rest of the case, i.e. the construction and side panels are made of steel.


You can place the door the way you see fit, as you can see from the picture below.


The bottom part of the front panel has air holes for ventilation whereas the top part is reserved for five optical device spots.


The front fan comes with a large, removable dust filter. All 5.25’’ meshes are also strapped with filters.


Mounting optical devices requires removing the entire front panel and the procedure is the same when you want to clean the dust filters.


The S3 compartment can be used to store some smaller items and you’ll find its lock on the front panel.


You can lift the lid on the S3 compartment without having to remove the front panel.


The compartment hols the On/Off and reset keys, audio-out and mic-in jacks, eSATA connector, two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 connectors. Colossus and Colossus Venom cases come with two of each, whereas Colossus Window only comes with USB 2.0 connectors.

Lighting is controlled via the LED power key and the dual-mode key for color switching. Furthermore, Colossus is capable of incremental, dynamic changes in LED lighting intensity.

We found it pretty handy that the case comes with fan RPM controller. Apart from the two mounted 230mm fans, Colossus can take another two 140mm fans.




The back of the case reveals that the PSU is located on the bottom. Colossus has eight slots for expansion cards and four holes for water cooling systems. The rear panel does not come with any fans.  

Colossus comes with two preinstalled fans; one 230mm which draws air on the front panel and one 230mm fan that pushes hot air out the top panel.

Colossus is a massive case which is best seen when compared to other large cases such as CoolerMaster HAF-X. As you can see from the picture, HAF-X is taller than the Colossus but it is not wider.


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Last modified on Tuesday, 04 January 2011 16:07
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-4 #1 Warrior24_7 2011-01-03 18:55
I sorry, but this is one of the ugliest cases I've ever seen! :sad:
0 #2 Blizzard 2011-01-03 19:27
A beautiful case, maybe not of ultimate quality, but price reflect that, over all very nice Body for good organs :-)
0 #3 yasin 2011-01-03 21:11
NZXT-now thats a beautiful case.
the black/red edition of this one is decent
+1 #4 JAB Creations 2011-01-04 00:32
The aesthetics are subjective to personal taste.

I don't like full face front doors, they block the lower-front intake fans. The hard drive cage moderately blocks some of the air flow so they could make a little bit more of an effort to remove material between the hard drive and the intake fan.

Did you guys test with other motherboards besides the MSI board?

Cable routing looks alright, didn't see any explicit blue USB 3.0 ports at the top even though you guys say it's supported.

For me a window and a large side fan is absolutely necessary. Going from a Raidmax with an 8800GT to my Xclio and 5770 my idle underclocked temps dropped from 168F to 118F.

Decent case though not for really demanding users.
0 #5 JAB Creations 2011-01-04 00:36
Also because I ran out of space I like the fact that the case has seven hard drive cages, if I were to add water cooling I'd rather mount it behind the 5.25 bays than have four or five empty 5.25 bays that I might use for water cooling eventually.

For those wondering about hard drive bay usage take two SSD's for RAID 0, two hard drives in RAID 1 for important personal and work related files, and then another RAID 1 for bulk files and that seventh bay would likely house a 100GB+ HD just laying around that I would test out a Linux distro with.
0 #6 nECrO 2011-01-04 06:18
aesthetics are OK, like beauty it's in the eye of the beholder. I've met a person or two who think the Corsair 800D is ugly and I think it's nearly a perfect case and beautiful. Then again, I own it and am not exactly unbiased....

As for the rest of this case, the cable management could be a bit better and Like Jab Creations said above, the full front doors are pants....
0 #7 robert3892 2011-01-04 08:47
Bit Fenix also makes matching white SATA and other associated cables if you wish to match the color combination
0 #8 Regenweald 2011-01-04 08:54
It's JUST big. no innovation, pretty much standard everything, and really big. When I first heard of the birth of BitFenix, I really was hoping for more. :sigh:
CARDBOARD...protecting the LED panel ? really?
0 #9 Bignon 2011-01-04 12:31
Great case: big, functional I specially like the HD mounting system. BUT ist's extremely ugly in my eyes, to much lights (I think it would be quite annoying in a dark room gaming!) and front doors in general are a no go for me!

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