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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 19:12

AMD Fusion C-50 APU tested

Written by Slobodan Simic

Wipes the floor with Intel Atom N550
Guys from Dutch Hardware.info site managed to get their hands on Toshiba's N550D netbook with AMD's Fusion C-50 dual-core APU clocked at 1.0GHz. When compared to Intel's Atom N450 and N550, it is quite clear that those are no match for AMD's Radeon HD 6250 graphics found in the C-50.

Of course, bear in mind that we are talking about the C-50 APU, a dual-core clocked at 1.0GHz that only consumes 9W. The Radeon HD 6250 GPU found in this APU is clocked at 280MHz. Just for reference, the top AMD offer, E-350 is a dual-core APU clocked at 1.6GHz with Radeon HD 6310 graphics clocked at 500MHz. On the other hand, Intel's GMA 3150 really has nothing on these new AMD DirectX 11 parts.

The most convincing win is in 3DMark06 where Intel's GMA 3150 barely goes over 153 marks, whereas the C-50 easily scores 1769. The scores are quite interesting as in some tests, Atom manages to outperform the C-50 (like in Cinebench 10) but once again we are talking about AMD's C-50 and not the E-350 which is clocked at 1.6GHz.

You can find all the scores here.

Last modified on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 19:47
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+34 #1 yourma2000 2011-01-05 19:50
This is teasing! I've been checking onlines stores for fusion netbooks for the past 2 days and I can't find any :cry:
+77 #2 eggenstein 2011-01-05 20:00
goodbye Atom based netbook, HELLO AMD NETBOOK!!!! :D
+27 #3 neo222 2011-01-05 20:10
wish somethin lik this lands up n mobile platform

Then it ll be The Red dragon vs Snapdragon :D
+25 #4 AMD 2011-01-05 20:16
for fuks sake I want a slate with this in it!
+31 #5 Super XP 2011-01-05 20:35
Fina_f***ing_ly , we have some strong competition from AMD. Let the games begin. Now where do I get myself one of those E-350 lol
+16 #6 JAB Creations 2011-01-05 23:35
There are two C series and two E series by AMD and I'm very interested in getting the better of the two E series with a number pad. Granted you can play Unreal Tournament (the original) on Intel's graphics (I'm still amazed it can even do that!) though AMD's hardware this year will really do justice for many more people in addition to their desktop segment.
+23 #7 Xploitee 2011-01-05 23:41
Dont Forget the amd has a video decoder :D so u can watch Full HD movies on it .. Try that on a atom .......
+8 #8 MrScary 2011-01-06 00:04
I would be willing to have the zotac xbox with E350 on it, it looks superb, and has AMD FUSION inside :-)

[censored] nvidia and intel.

P.S.: maybe no [censored] to much nvidia, after all is leaving the house for building superphones, wich i think is superfine. [censored] intel then ;)
+18 #9 redisnidma 2011-01-06 01:03
Looking at the benchmarks, it seems that AMD might need a C60 (+/- 1.1GHz) to call it a "clean-kill" vs dual-core 1.5GHz atoms.

I am really impressed.
+21 #10 AmdAti 2011-01-06 03:16
Finally the Atom's rein of terror has ended.

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