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Friday, 11 February 2011 11:14

Nokia to turn to Microsoft for smartphones

Written by Nedim Hadzic

Since Symbian draws more critique than Howard Webb
Finish phonemaker Nokia announced Friday that it will ditch Symbian for Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop apparently sees relationship with Microsoft as strategic alliance that goes beyond smartphone software, as Nokia Maps will also be used in Microsoft’s Bing. Nokia’s Ovi will from now on be a part of Microsoft’s Marketplace.

Elop said:”Today, we are accelerating that change through a new path, aimed at regaining our smartphone leadership, reinforcing our mobile device platform and realizing our investments in the future.” He also announced departure of Nokia board member Alberto Torres, who was executive vice president in charge of MeeGo.

In somewhat of a eulogy to Symbian,  Elop that the company expects to sell about 150 million Symbian based devices before halting development. As for MeeGo, the company stated:"Under the new strategy, MeeGo becomes an open-source, mobile operating system project. MeeGo will place increased emphasis on longer-term market exploration of next-generation devices, platforms and user experiences. Nokia still plans to ship a MeeGo-related product later this year."

More here.

Last modified on Friday, 11 February 2011 11:31
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+1 #1 Exodite 2011-02-11 13:17
Goodbye Nokia, it was nice knowing you.

It'll be an interesting ride the coming time as you take off on the US stock market, to high expectations, and then fall flat on your face as the rest of the world shies away from the platform.

WP7 doesn't have anything in S^3, functionally.
-2 #2 Marburg_U 2011-02-11 14:27
Every time i read sybian.
+4 #3 Coliz91 2011-02-11 15:15
Gosh....N0kia!!Why the hell w0uld u kill symbian??The apps were useful u know if that what makes u shift away...plus we asians d0nt really need snappy phones to kill time anyway :-x :-x :o
+3 #4 Haberlandt 2011-02-11 15:53
Poor Howard Webb :lol:
+1 #5 neo222 2011-02-12 11:09
Nokia...such a foolish decision to give up symbian....atleast... jus like android u cud have let mobile phone user upgrade their version from symbian 2,3 to symbian 4 etc..

What a waste!!!
+1 #6 Bl0bb3r 2011-02-12 14:59

This is what they would probably look like... not bad, and I don't want to jump to any conclusions, I'll wait for reviews before throwing mud.
+1 #7 123s 2011-02-12 15:05
Not bad ? They look super sexy.
+2 #8 alincioaba 2011-02-12 21:40
Great news!
+1 #9 Bl0bb3r 2011-02-12 22:57
Quoting 123s:
Not bad ? They look super sexy.

:D TRUE!... but they are just concepts, for now.

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