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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 10:47

Most Android fans hate Apple

Written by

Survey reveals emergence of new fanboy sect
A survey by Business Insider reveals that a large number of Android users is not merely as smug as Apple users, but they are also a bit bigoted when it comes to the fruity toymaker.

More than 2,000 smartphone users took part in the survey and 51 percent of them used Android-based phones, while 33 percent of them were in the Apple camp. About 8 percent still cling to Blackberry, while Windows Phone 7, Palm and other operating systems comprise less than 10 percent combined.

The vast majority of users said they would upgrade to the latest, greatest smartphone rather than older, cheaper models. Most users will not shift to a new platform when they upgrade and most participants said that features and the platform itself were the most important factors in choosing a smartphone.

Interestingly, most iPhone users stated that they would buy an Android phone if it was better than the iPhone in most key ways. This is rather surprising, as many punters believed that Apple fans were strongly devoted to the brand and that the Apple’s closed system hooked consumers like heroin. On the other hand, 55 percent of Android users said they would not even consider buying an iPhone simply because they hate Apple. The survey also found that this number would have been about 20 percent lower had Nick Farrell not been born.

The more reasonable crowd said they would go for an iPhone if it worked better with non-Apple products, or if it were cheaper. So, although Apple’s closed OS might force existing users to stick to the platform, it also has a rather negative effect on those who use other platforms.

Anyway, next time an iPhone fan gets flack for being too smug, he or she can cite the survey and call the Android user on the other side of the argument a hateful bigot.

More here.
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+43 #1 mystikalrush 2011-04-20 10:59
Droid X'er here, F apple iphone! I will never stray from Android, its simply the best phone OS out there, and quite amazing in what it can do. The future is ANDROID. If you dont believe me, then go google some charts and see how much faster android has grown and is progressingly growing in such a short period of time sense apple was released in 07. If your tech savvy, you know there are sites dedicated soley to your phone with tips, tricks, hacks, and customizing.
Time to rub it in some more iphone lovers. Why Android > iOS
No widgets, No live wallpapers, No flash player, No LED notifications, No true notification bar, No ROMs, No overclocking, No free music apps, No Micro SD Card, No replaceable battery(without sending it to Apple), No HDMI, No multimedia docks
+46 #2 OnaZ 2011-04-20 11:14
ANDROID all the way , i HATE APPLE , Not because i cant afford it because its crap ruled by jackasses which makes slaves out of its users. complete waste of money buying the damn devices.
+58 #3 Mr. Awesome 2011-04-20 11:23
I don't hate Apple. Just their cult drives me nuts. Too many people there who have no clue whether or not their product is any good. They buy because of the name.
-28 #4 Naterm 2011-04-20 11:26
Droid X here. Objectively, it's not even as good of a phone as my old iPhone 3G. I dropped the iPhone because I was fed up with AT&T. My next smartphone purchase is going to be the next iPhone, at least that's the most likely.

I would stick with Android if there was an Android handset that was actually better than the iPhone in practice. Having better specs is one thing, but translating that into a better user experience is quite another. I do hope the next iPhone has a bigger screen, that's the one thing I really like about the Droid X, even if the resolution is fairly low.
+26 #5 Psykosis 2011-04-20 11:29
I don't own any kind of smartphone, because I have little use for it. But if I did own one, it would be ANYTHING BUT AN APPLE. That's not fanboyism, that's just common sense for every person that has the slightest bit of tech knowledge and does not care about feeling elitist just for having more money to throw away. It's just that, you know, Android is NOT locked down and does NOT make a lot of cash for an ultrasmug, anti-open (and therefor obstructing the development and integration of cross-platform vendor-neutral tech) lowlife company.
It's not that Android users hate Apple, it's that tech-savvy people hate Apple and therefor buy Android.
At least, that's what seems the most logical to me.

And I lol'd @ the Nick Farrel remark :P
-38 #6 Naterm 2011-04-20 11:34
Sorry, but that's a crap post. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Android is pretty locked down. It's not as locked down as iOS, but it's also not as good as iOS so that can be forgiven.

I'm the only tech savvy person in my group of friends (many are professionals) that doesn't have an iPhone. There is one guy out of eleven that doesn't own a Macbook Pro and he's looking at buying one. Several of them have iPads. People that actually use, work with, and make their living from the technology sector don't care what name is on the product. They care how it works and what it can do. Apple's mobile computer and smartphone options are simply superior to the competition at this time.
-22 #7 OnaZ 2011-04-20 11:35
Quoting Psykosis:
I don't own any kind of smartphone, because I have little use for it. But if I did own one....

And I lol'd @ the Nick Farrel remark :P

Would have made a lot of sense if you did own any smartphone cause at this point your remarks hold no merits.
+2 #8 nele 2011-04-20 12:06
I don't like Apple very much - too closed and overpriced in my opinion. However, I got a 3GS last year and to be honest I got it by accident.

So? Although I'm an Apple basher, I think iOS is a very good platform and Android still has some way to go to catch up.

Having said that, there's a ton of things that annoy me, mainly iTunes. I'm an old fashioned kind of guy, I'd just like to drag a foler of ancient mp3s or videos and access it as such... Sure, Apple might have done things differently if it didn't have to bother with the content industry, but there is a bunch of annoying little details like that.

I know quite a few people who don't want to mess with jailbreaks and stuff like that, they just can't be bothered and this is a big deal in smaller markets. Apple's strategy might work in the US, but in small countries, with a bunch of carriers who don't even offer the iPhones it is just a pain in the ass. Hence, iPhones are mostly bought by people who are into tech, geeks really, whereas iPhones are in fact more user friendly than most other smartphones...
-23 #9 Otherbuns 2011-04-20 12:34
In other news, Android fans are significantly less mature than others, since "hating" another company is really a sign that one should go back to kindergarten. Seriously, "hate"? Do these people not know that Android would probably not even exist today if Apple had not got the ball rolling with iPhone and iOS?

Grow up. Some people prefer one company, some prefer others. HATING the opposite side is plain retarded. But most Android fans seem to act as if Steve Jobs hit them when they were children or something, what are you afraid of? More companies means more improvement and better prices for all of us.

In fact, Android fans should LOVE Apple, and vice versa, since both of them push each other to improve.
+2 #10 bobjohn9995 2011-04-20 12:45
I have apple products and a Motorolla droid.

I believe that the future is neither apple or droid I think it is Open source. Who ever makes that their path will reign king.

I bought my doid because at the time Iphone didn't support tethering. The open source part of droid allowed me to find a cheap alternative to buying a mobile hotspot thing.

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