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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 14:16

AMD officially confirms Bulldozer delay

Written by Slobodan Simic

Schedules it for "late summer"
During its big conference at Computex, AMD officially broke the news that the Bulldozer is delayed to "late summer".

Although the new 9 Series chipset is now officially announced, it looks like that FX Series, codename Zambezi CPUs based on the Bulldozer architecture will have to wait a bit. AMD didn't provide the official date but just rather said that the FX Series is coming in "late summer", which means that it might arrive in late July or even in August.

In case you somehow managed to miss it, the FX Series is made in 32nm and will be available in 4-, 6- and 8-core flavors. It is made for AMD's latest AMD 9-series AM3+ chipsets, but will also work on some AM3 motherboards as well, without AMD's blessing of course.

More here.


Last modified on Wednesday, 01 June 2011 15:05
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+12 #1 hellfire 2011-06-01 15:09
anyone actually expected anything else?
+24 #2 The_Countess 2011-06-01 15:19
Quoting hellfire:
anyone actually expected anything else?

they've been right on time with everything from the hd3 series onward, both GPU's and CPU's.

but a new design on a new product process was always going to be difficult and was a risky move.

edit @ hellfire
swift was almost 4 years ago, same with falcon which wasn't actually a CPU but a concept.
but you are right llano was delayed... by a whole 2 months. but it started shipping well ahead of the delayed date, which was announced half a year in advance.
+19 #3 hellfire 2011-06-01 15:25
Quoting The_Countess:
they've been right on time with everything from the hd3 series onward, both GPU's and CPU's.

yeah yeah, "on time" with their 2009 APUs Swift, right "on time" with Falcon, right on time with their couple-of-quaters delayed Llano. There was actually two cpus that came on time, Zacate and Deneb, all others delayed, some very badly. I rly do like AMD, but most of the time they are so late with their cpus..
+48 #4 agent_47 2011-06-01 15:39
if intel can delay their tick tock process with all the excess resource it has, i think AMD can be forgiven
+45 #5 CNCFarraday 2011-06-01 15:44
On a more saner note, AMD does not have the capacity to pump out Llano, Interlagos ( the 'Bulldozer'-based Opteron ) and Zambezi. In fact, they have no capacity at all ( GloFo and all )

Remember they started shipping Llano for about a month now to integrators and they have some pretty big orders of Interlagos from big names like Cray.

Delaying Zambezi doesn't mean that 'it sucks' as some sites keep yakking, but rather they are servicing the most profitable and STABLE channels, namely (Ultra)Portable and OEM Desktop integrators and HPC/Server people first.

The 'enthusiast' market is non existent in terms of revenue compared to those two.
+25 #6 CNCFarraday 2011-06-01 15:45
// admin note: Oh, come on! What's up with the // length of the comments ? Is this, Titter ?

Both Llano and Interlagos are on the same 'ze process' as Zambezi, in fact, Interlagos is the same design on the same process, but with even more constrains ( server parts are always 'more cherry picked' than desktop parts )

No matter how 'crucial' winning a SuperPi or Crytek Engine benchmark might seem to the 'bogomips fetish society' people, the people who buy CPUs by the boat-load look at entirely different attributes and benefits.
+12 #7 Twist3d1080 2011-06-01 15:50
I am truly disappointed by this news. As some one who was hoping for a return to the Athlon vs Coppermine days, this release was going to e very exciting. If indeed it is a performance issue like a lot are claiming another spin in the fab is not going to cut. If it is a bug then, why are we getting news of a delay now? They certainly haven't caught the bug just now have they? All AMD means these days is Another Missed Deadline. I need a new PC for my first return to higher learning in a long time, looks like Intel it is. Uhhgg, I feel the need to shower now.
@CNCFarraday, Lets hope your optimism rings true. I'm willing to bet that Interlagos gets delayed now too.
+25 #8 CNCFarraday 2011-06-01 15:59

It is not 'optimism' it is common sense.

They are shipping a boat-load of Llano designs to everybody and their moms. They have to ship thousands and thousands of Interlagos to Cray, Siemens and such by the end of the summer.

It is not a 'bug' it is a business priority. Like it or not, one single order from Cray or the like is worth more than all of the orders all 'enthusiasts' ever did.

If you need a new machine now, buy an AM3+ motherboard with 990*X and a 6-core Thuban, which is dirt cheap for a 6 core CPU.

The fact is that AMD's design is better for multitasking workloads ( it is a server design, after all ) and it will not win any 'traditional' Intel benchmark.
+37 #9 CNCFarraday 2011-06-01 16:07
I mean, anyone who thinks Bulldozer will magically beat Sandy Bridge in things like Chinebench or Video/Photo editing software from Adobe here is the thing:

These products are designed and optimized for Intel arch and compiled with Intel's compiler.
If you don't know what that means, start by reading "Computer Organization and Design" by Patterson.

No matter what AMD does, short of a 1:1 copycat of Intel's micro-arch, it will not win bechmarks of software hand tuned with ASM optimizations for key Intel micro-arch features.
+34 #10 CNCFarraday 2011-06-01 16:09
For example, if I use a 'vanilla', precompiled Linux kernel for AMD64 I get great performance on a 6-core thuban. If I build my own kernel with K10 arch specific optimization ( -mtune=barcelona ) with gcc, I get improvements of up to 12% in some cases.

Now, if i switch to Open64 compiler, to which AMD contributes and recompile with it, I get some 10-15% speed-ups over gcc with -mtune=barcelona

The software is as good as the tools used to build it and the design. As long as Adobe and the like behave like x86 == Intel and nothing else there is nothing AMD can do about it.

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