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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 08:00

Sources insist next Xbox announcement in 2012

Written by David Stellmack

Will be shown at E3 2012, but will not ship till 2013
Sources in Asia insist to us that the whispers we have been hearing for several months that Microsoft continues to work toward an unveiling of the next generation Xbox (or the 720, if you will) will be unveiled at the 2012 E3. If the whispers are true, Microsoft is planning to show off the new console; but it does not plan to release it until later down the road, which has been suggested as perhaps a holiday 2012 release or a spring 2013 release.

Our sources claim that Microsoft has been pricing potential parts and talking to senior people in Asia to project pricing and availability to get the unit packaged and assembled. Of course, this does not do any good unless Microsoft plans to have software ready for the release.

Developers that we have spoken with indicate that Microsoft has yet to brief them on their plans for a new console. Talking to developers would be critical in order to have titles ready to show prior to the release of the console.

We have heard a number of different variations of the story that will just not seem to go away. Microsoft, of course, has offered no comment (because as you know, they don’t comment on rumors and speculation). We believe that Microsoft will not talk about anything that could cost them sales of the Xbox 360 right now. Expect a lot more ink to be spilled, so to speak, talking about this before we know what the real truth is. At this point all we can tell you is what we are hearing; but when you combine this with what we have seen other places on the Internet it is hard to believe that it is all talk.

David Stellmack

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+4 #1 fingerbob69 2011-06-28 10:20
"We believe that Microsoft will not talk about anything that could cost them sales of the Xbox 360 right now."

Too late!
-2 #2 dan 2011-06-28 10:46
What other places on the internet? Cite your sources, David.
-1 #3 Boomstick777 2011-06-28 13:04
Sony are set to release the Playstation 4 in time for Xmas 2012, you won't hear this from Sony though becausce they enjoy lying to their customers ;-) ..

It will be announced at E3 next year along with the Xbox 360. For now Sony will deny a new console is coming becausce they want people to buy the new designed slightly cheaper PS3, with even less features! Including removing the led lights?! Plus just for fun they added more copyright protection, yay :/

PC, Xbox and Nintendo ftw :)
+3 #4 Boomstick777 2011-06-28 17:04
Personally hope Microsoft's new console blows the new Playstation out of the water! After how badly Sony handled the PSN data breach I will never buy a Sony console again.

Will still buy Sony TV's though lol.

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