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Monday, 15 August 2011 10:30

Cooler Master GX 650W Bronze previewed

Written by Sanjin Rados


Preview: GX series gets 80 Plus Bronze certificate


CoolerMaster recently refreshed its GX series of PSUs by discontinuing older 80 Plus models and introducting newer and more efficient 80 Plus Bronze certified ones. Today, we’ll briefly introduce the GX 650W Bronze. All the new GX PSUs come with clearly visible word ‘BRONZE’, in order for users to distinguish between the old and new models. However, nothing has changed other than wording as the specs are no different than on the earlier models.


The GX series has five models – 400W, 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W. CoolerMaster backs all the PSUs with a five year warranty. Our test GT 650W Bronze (RS-650-ACAA) packs a single 12V rail which can supply up to 52A.




OVP (Over Voltage Protection): OVP prevents the damaging impact of excessive output voltage by shutting down the power unit.
UVP (Under Voltage Protection): UVP ensures a constant flow of power to keep your components at their max performance.
OPP (Over Power Protection): OPP safeguards the power supply from any overload, preventing over exposure to extreme power conditions.
OTP (Over Temperature Protection): OTP automatically shuts down the power supply if the system overheats. This helps protect the power supply duration from any possible damage.
SCP (Short Circuit Protection): SCP prevents any “rush back” of voltage that may cause harm to the power supply and other components.


Note that the GX series is not modular.


Number of connectors on the GX 650W Bronze’s isn’t quite what we’d call rich, but it should be enough for standard users.


All the cables are long enough, although the distance between some connectors on SATA cables could have been longer. Namely, there are barely 10cm of cable between them, despite 15cm being standard. Furthermore, users will have to live with only three peripheral 4-pin molex connectors.


The fan is made by ADDA company, model AD1212HS-A71GL (12V, 0.44A, Sleeve bearing, 2200RPM, 85.2CFM, 39.1dBA).



We tested the GX 650W Bronze in our Fractal Design Core 3000 case. We used passively cooled Geforce 9800GT and CoolerMaster’s also passive Hyper Z600 CPU cooler in order to determine just how loud the PSU is.


The GX 650W Bronze’s fan is pretty quiet, but if you’re looking for an inaudible PSU, then you might not like it. The provided 650W of juice will take care of faster mid-range computers with single-GPU graphics.

The GX 650W Bronze is backed by a five year warranty and you can find it priced at about €75, here.

Last modified on Monday, 15 August 2011 15:29
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