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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 09:45

AMD Radeon HD 7000 slips to next year

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Professional graphics may launch in 2011
We all know that 28nm from AMD has been demonstrated and that AMD is doing quite well with the chip, but it looks like it’s the fab that is holding things down. Reportedly, both TSMC and Globalfoundries have serious issues with mass production of 28nm chips and the yields are simply not there.

Our sources are saying that to their knowledge, AMD's Southern islands 28nm are going to ship next year, most likely in early Q1 2012 and this goes for both desktop and mobile chips. Professional graphics based on 28nm has a chance to ship in this year, but this is something that will be decided at a later date.

Nvidia has already said that they will ship in 2012, meaning that the new architecture codenamed Kepler should start shipping next year. The company also went on record and said that Kepler 28nm production starts this year, but it refered to actual chip production, with no comment on the actual market availability or retail / OEM products.

AMD might actually launch at some point in Q4 2011 but with current yields, we would expect that the product would be sold out and literary nonexistent all the way to Q1 2012 when they expect to ramp up production. AMD did this last year with Northern Islands, Radeon HD 6000 series, and it was almost impossible to get the card throughout Q4 2010.  The big issue is, once you launch the new generation, sales of the previous one take a serious hit.

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-39 #1 dan 2011-09-28 10:43
As has been stated previously and elsewhere, 7000 series WILL LAUNCH THIS YEAR.

Saying otherwise is just a poor attempt to derail AMD's launch. It's the behaviour of an Nvidia bought-and-paid-for shill (aka Fuad).

I think you'll find that it is Nvidia that tend to paper launch products (or worse still, hold up woodscrew prototypes).

Mark my words, Nvidia have less than a year left in this game.
+26 #2 DarkPhoenix 2011-09-28 10:54
Quoting dan:
As has been stated previously and elsewhere, 7000 series WILL LAUNCH THIS YEAR.

LOL, really...AMD fanatics truly are hopeless. You believe everything AMD says don't you, even when reality itself is different ? AMD must've learned from Apple, in creating reality distortion fields, for the weak minded fans...

AS for NVIDIA lasting a year...yeah that makes sense too. They have solid products on ALL the markets they are into. And they're making great strides in the handheld market which is growing like mad and produces a lot of money. They have almost no challenge in professional graphics and GPUs in HPC...and they have boat loads of cash, no debt and receiving money from the Intel settlement. Yeah 1 year seems about right, for a nitwit that is.
+22 #3 dan+mr.sucker=amdfagbots 2011-09-28 11:30
another circus by DAN - fagsucker from amd :D
DarkPhoenix - spot on buddy +100000
amd must've learned from Apple, in creating reality distortion fields, for the weak minded fans - SOOOOO TRUE :D
Mark MY words dan fagboy - amd will not release 7xxx this year,not even mention they middle end (since they cant make other cards) wont be even close to this year.And will be typical as always - amd wont compete with Nvidia high end cards,unless they start typical BS with 2 gpus on 1 card,thats what hey doing with cpus - quantity (amd) vs PROPER QUALITY (NVIDIA,INTEL)
dan - you just cretin fanatic,who making me laugh every day.
Just wonder,how many more acc you will make,so can thumb up yourself :D
-34 #4 MrScary 2011-09-28 11:52
For all nvidots/shittel cock sukers out there, here it comes a BIG slap in ur bitch face's:


Intel is F.U.C.K.E.D.

shamefull E series performance:


LOL LOL LOL, hahaha.
-32 #5 dan 2011-09-28 12:42
Quoting DarkPhoenix:
. You believe everything AMD says don't you, even when reality itself is different ?

I am not going by what AMD say, but by people who actually KNOW and who have SOURCES in the industry.

Fudo doesn't know anything and has no sources, except his Nvidia paycheck.

When will an Nvidia fan boy some to this site with some real arguments, substantial comments, or even just a spark of wit? One can hope. Until then I'm left with cretins like Drac, Warrior, bro_fist and now this imbecile DarkPhoenix.
+30 #6 Boomstick777 2011-09-28 12:46
Read the comments, this one is spot on...

"Read more carefully. Out of 8 multithreaded tests the higher clocked 8150 8 core wins in 2 against 2600k. And that's from AMD marketing. In gaming it is compared with 980X which is under 2600-2500 performance in 95% of the games out there, and it is just able to be on par.
Cinebench is a joke, performance is worse than phenom 2 x6. 2600k has a score of 6,8 on stock speed. So look behind the marketing smoke."
+29 #7 Boomstick777 2011-09-28 12:48
AMD give you smoke and mirrors with their CPU's Intel gives you raw performance.

AMD claims best bang for buck with Phenom II? Intel give you true bang for buck with 2500K/2600K.

AMD are so far behind at this point that Intel are only in competition with themselves, its sad but true.
+27 #8 bro_fist 2011-09-28 12:55
Quoting dan:
some real arguments, substantial comments, or even just a spark of wit?

Where is your?
+24 #9 nt300 2011-09-28 13:00
My goodness, you negative people need to calm the F down. Bulldozer isn't even out for goodness sakes, so any imaginary benchmarks released to date is just that imaginary. Let the bloody product get released then pass judgement. Personally I think it's going to be as successful if not more as the Hammer Core back in the day which took AMD from struggling to supremacy.

The 28nm HD 7000 is being somewhat delayed due to the foundries. Both ATI and NVIDIA will feel the pinch on this one, though I am sure AMD doesn't have a big problem with the delay due to its good selling ATI HD 6000 series.

Yes I am a fan of AMD & ATI that said NVIDIA is not going anywhere; they practically dominate the notebook/laptop mobile markets. It would be nice to see more ATI driven notebooks...
+6 #10 majorpayne 2011-09-28 13:51
Gudluck on both companies I hope both of them will do good jobs with their 28nm cards.

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