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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 09:57

Apple suppliers take a hit

Written by Nick Farell

Worries that people will not buy the new iPhone
Investors in outfits which supply the Apple Cargo cult are taking a battering after Wall Street realised that the new iPhone was the same as the old one.

Apparently the fear is that the iPhone 4S will not do very well after punters realised that it was just an iPhone 4 with the antennae problem fixed and slightly upgraded chip. Despite the Tame Apple Press pointing out that Apple only has to fart something with a logo and Apple fanboys will form a fanatical queue, investors think the whole Apple steam roller is running out of juice.

Hon Hai slipped 1.89 percent, while casing maker Foxconn Technology was limit-down. Camera module maker Largan Precision plunged 6.59 percent. The only one who was laughing was Apple's rival smartphone maker HTC, who edged up 0.6 percent.

Apple is hoping to kill off its rivals with patent trolling so it is still early days whether HTC or Samsung can capitalise on Apple dropping the ball.

Nick Farell

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+3 #1 Kryojenix 2011-10-05 14:16
The supreme irony is the shallowness of Apple's own fan-base, lamenting this phone because they wanted something "teardrop-shaped" and *new!*.

This iphone4s actually *isn't* a bad successor as it adds one major new innovation - versatile and flexible voice interaction with a device, as well as several welcome improvements - better camera *lens* (megapixel increase is worthless, since sample photos I've seen show heavy luminance noise), intelligent video stabilisation using the phone's gyros, 1080p recording (have to wonder if the sensor can do it justice). The phone also solves the previous model's major shortcoming - the antenna. And it's a world-band phone.

This is exactly what Apple *should* have done for now and their own fans complain! :P
0 #2 TinHat 2011-10-05 17:23
When you buy a new car it 'feels' like a new car especially when the design is new and different. This was a big let down for Apple hence there shares dropping by 5% shortly afterwards. The good side i suppose is that if you now buy a white iPhone 4S it will look different cause no bugger has one!
0 #3 dew111 2011-10-05 18:22
All Apple fans care about is showing off their shiny new toys to everyone. Since the new one LOOKS like the old one, they're throwing a fit that no one will notice they shelled out hundreds of dollars for a new one.

I think the iPhone 4S is a decent upgrade. All the hardware specs are there, and it still has the best screen resolution by far (now with a GPU that will make the screen useful). Apple fans (the ones complaining anyway) are shallow morons that wouldn't know a dual-core ARM CPU from a POWER7 mainframe.
0 #4 trajan2448 2011-10-05 18:44
Apple is just fine. People using Apple products rarely switch to other brands, and now Apple will prepare the next big upgrade Iphone which once again will break sales records. This phone was never meant to be a major change except in a few rumor mills, but it is a good improvement.

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