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Monday, 24 October 2011 10:48

AMD gears up to take on ultrabooks

Written by

In 2012 and 2013

While Intel is busy spreading the ultrabook gospel to consumers and partners alike, AMD seems to be working along similar lines and preparing mobile platforms suitable for ultrathin notebooks.

By June 2012 AMD will launch Deccan, a new platform based on 28nm Krishna APUs, but Digitimes claims plans are underway to develop a second platform, Kerala. The new platform will be based on Kabini APUs and AMD hopes it will allow it to compete against Intel’s Ivy Bridge and Haswell platforms. It would be a rather interesting development to see AMD chips in thin and cheap notebooks, since Intel is handsomely subsidizing the development of technologies that make them possible and there’s no doubt AMD would also benefit from Intel programs in the long run.

However, AMD’s plans in the mainstream notebook marked seem to have suffered due to poor Llano yields. Compounded with repeated delays, AMD was really unable to cash in on Intel’s chipset issues earlier this year and market watchers now believe AMD won’t resolve yield issues until Trinity APUs enter production next year. By 2013, Trinity will be replaced by the Indus platform, based on Kaveri APUs.

More here.

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+1 #1 Cartman 2011-10-24 11:02
Whats with the codenames?

Krishna, Trinity ???

Whats next Alah and Jesus Christ ...
+4 #2 nele 2011-10-24 11:28
Xenu 16-core FTW! :lol:
+3 #3 nt300 2011-10-24 12:50
AMD's Future Code Names for 2014 (AMD's Overhaul of the Bulldozer Design).
Pericles (The Olympian"
Alexander (The Great)
Achilles (Main hero of the Trojan War)
Heracles (strongest hero of Ancient Greece)
Odysseus (Greek hero of the Trojan War)
Sisyphus (the cunning cheater of death)
Agamemnon (King of Mycenae and hero of the Trojan War)
Jason and the Argonauts (the labour of the golden fleece)
Perseus (the founder of Mycenae)
Theseus (king and founding hero of Athens, Greece)
+1 #4 Dribble 2011-10-24 15:01
This unfortunately sounds like fusion. With that they produced the perfect netbook processor about 2 years too late - just after everyone else had got bored of netbooks and moved onto something else.

With this I bet they'll produce a great ultrabook processor just after everyone has given up on them and moved onto the next big thing.

They need to inovate and create markets not try to follow in Intels footsteps picking up the leftovers after the action has moved on.
+1 #5 Medallish 2011-10-24 15:22
The "Ultrabook" is a niche that's already been taken by Macbook Air, sometimes you have to wonder what Intel were thinkinng when they decided this would be a good idea to push so hard for, and sinking 300 million into, I don't get it really, first of all they're painting a big target on them for Apple saying Sue us, or the companies we asked to do this. As we see with Samsung Apple don't care if the company they are sueing, is a supplier for them.
+1 #6 Medallish 2011-10-24 15:24
Quoting Dribble:
They need to inovate and create markets not try to follow in Intels footsteps picking up the leftovers after the action has moved on.

Sorry but that's such a lame thing to say, and you're not following what AMD is actually doing, this isn't really about notebooks of any kind, it's about CPU's it's about showing "we can produce the same as Intel that's better", AMD is a competitor and they need to compete, and clearly in the CPU arena they are innovators, see Fusion, IMC, Hypertransport etc, AMD firsts.
+2 #7 nt300 2011-10-24 17:48
The above poster has a very good point.
FACT - Where AMD leads, Intel Follows, and continues to follow AMD.

AMD Firsts: Fusion, IMC, Hypertransport, First superscalar RISC - K5, First to use "Flip-Chip" technology - K6, First on-chip L2 cache - K6-3, First use of copper interconnects - K7, First fully pipelined, superscalar floating point unit - K7, First to extend x86 to 64-bits (AMD64) - K8, AMD's DDR support beat out Intel's RD-Ram support, First to release Desktop 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Core CPU's, First to change the x86 Design Completely by building Bulldozer from the Ground Up.

In other words, Thank Fu**ing Goodness AMD is here for Pure Innovation & Competition. If it was the other way around, and AMD had Intel's Money, Intel would have been killed off long ago.
+1 #8 nt300 2011-10-24 17:51
Read this Very Well Written Article from 2004. This my friends is Pure FACT as we sit here today in 2011-2012. Dam Good Read....
Where AMD leads, Intel follows

Opinion: One can't be a follower and expect to lead the industry

This is why everybody should BUY the Bulldozer/Piledriver Platform to support AMD, though we should buy it, but at the same time e-mail/phone AMD with your critisism as to why they released a Server/Workstation CPU as a Desktop?
0 #9 Bl0bb3r 2011-10-24 20:49
^ They have one CPU design team, and even so, engineers follow certain exec people If they leave so will the engineers. For all the praise Meyer got he pretty much took a dump on them, this is how things were going at AMD, this is why he "left", and not because he was such a good CEO.

If AMD had better management that cared about their employee it wouldn't be in this situation with BD. But here we are, with a server CPU.

With one team, all they could do was a server chip that kinda works for the desktop, since the server clients pay way more for a single unit than what you or I would give for a desktop part.

They took the financial sound solution... even if it means taking heat on the desktop front.
+1 #10 Bl0bb3r 2011-10-24 20:51
I don't know if AMD will ever be as strong and innovative as they were, Meyer made sure of that, we can only hope for the better.

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