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Thursday, 17 November 2011 09:42

HDD prices continue to surge

Written by

Might start coming down in December

Mother nature has a funny way of telling humans to stop what they are doing and bugger off. The recent flooding in Thailand has caused headaches in IT departments around the world, but it seems the hard drive market could start to recover within a few weeks. Sadly, the same doesn’t apply to nature.

According to Digitimes, several channel retailers are preparing to unload their hard drive inventory, originally hoarded due to shortage concerns. It seems the shortage is not as serious are originally expected and retailers simply don’t want to be stuck with truckloads of hard drives once production picks up.

However, someone obviously forgot to tell retailers and distributors in Europe, the US and pretty much the rest of the world. As of Thursday, HDD prices in Europe are continuing to climb and they are currently at 2010 levels and some drives cost as much as they did back in late 2009.

A few weeks back high capacity 3.5-inch drives sold for just over €40 per terabyte on average. Today, the price is closer to €70, with a handful of exceptions. If you absolutely don’t have to upgrade, it is probably better to wait for better days.

More here.

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+1 #1 TinHat 2011-11-17 15:05
I just saw £120 for a 750Gb drive which is ridiculous. Before this happened the same drive was retailing for £50. Holding these prices is just gonna cripple sales for drive manufacturers.
0 #2 dieterD 2011-11-17 23:09
I also see +300% price increase: 3.5-incher 1TB few moths ago was 60euro (normal), few weeks ago was 120eruo, today I checked and 180euro!!!! and every e/re- tailer has +/- the same prices in my land!
0 #3 Greg4422 2011-11-17 23:27
Goose egg (wink wink) hard drive prices are up 110%. I’m putting my planned pc build on hold indefinitely. So while retailers maybe raking in the cash from 110% increase in HDD drives over the past few weeks, it’s my opinion, they will ultimately lose money and customers for other items. There will be a ripple effect from those like myself opting not to purchase at the time, because SSD storage volume is just too low for my needs. I “REFUSE” to buy a "price gouged” HDD and the natural result of that decision is that, I will not, be buying that CPU, Ram, OS, computer case, power supply, or graphics card either
0 #4 navair2 2011-11-21 03:00
Ahhhh...greed at its finest.

But you say, "That's just Supply and Demand.", quoting the tired old excuse for price gouging when real or PERCEIVED shortages happen.

It's just greed, always has been, always will be. Petrol (gasoline) is the same way. Prices every summer are driven up artificially to double the profit margin (if they can get away with it), taking us hostage because there's no real competition.

There should be laws regarding FAIR PROFIT margins, instead of letting corporations run wild.

"Competition will triumph and lower prices" ...that's what people thought about gasoline, until OIL CARTELS got together and stopped competing against each other.

GREED....greed never changes.

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