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Monday, 21 November 2011 14:11

AMD Trinity performance detailed

Written by Slobodan Simic

amdvision logo

Shows up in internal benchmark slides

AMD's upcoming Virgo APU platform has been detailed a while back, but the performance figures have only been rumoured in regard to the leaked specs. Now, we have the first leak of actual performance compared to the previous generation Llano APU and the performance figures look promising.

As you already know, AMD's Trinity APUs will be based on the FM2 package and will feature AMD's Piledriver CPU architecture combined with VLIW4 architecture GPU. According to the info from Donanimhaber.com and those internal benchmark slides, you can expect a significant improvement over the previous Llano APU parts. The most noticable improvement is in GPGPU performance, mostly due to the superior GPU inside the Trinity APU.

AMD's Trinity A8-series part scores around 1000 points more in 3DMark Vantage performance benchmark when compared to its Llano counterpart. The Trinity A6-series scores a pretty much same scores while the least noticable improvement is with the Trinity A4-series. In "general performance" benchmarks the situation is pretty much the same, while in "compute benchmark", the Trinity A8-series is significantly faster.

According to the same slides, AMD claims a significant improvement in the "dual graphics" department as the new A8-, A6- and A4-series Trinity parts should benefit greatly when paired up with Turks Pro GPU, aka Radeon HD 6570. Of course, bear in mind that these are AMD's own internal benchmarks and we would rather wait for some real world testing to say if the Trinity is actually as good as AMD says it is.

You can find the rest of the slides in a video over at Donanimhaber.com.

trinity leak_1

Last modified on Monday, 21 November 2011 14:48
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+3 #1 Jay 2011-11-21 17:30
Wonder what's the CPU performance like?

half the slides floating are misleading...couple say it's based on Bulldozer core others say it's on Piledriver.

GPU performance is impressive...but I guess it'll be a power hungry beast as usual w/ 125w TDP
0 #2 pogsnet 2011-11-21 17:37
I think the BD is poor in CPU performance compared to previous architecture. I dont know maybe the OS was not optimized for that architecture yet, let's see when Windows 8 comes.
+1 #3 Twist3d1080 2011-11-21 17:40
How can you Crossfire a VLIW-4 GPU on Trinity and a VLIW-5 GPU on Turks? I'm pretty sure that its impossible. Maybe the writer forgot that the new line up GPUs are coming out. He also must have forgotten that the Trinity is going to Crossfire with the new HD 7000 series not HD 6000 series, which the lower end will be based on VLIW-4 and Upper end on GCN architecture. If he didn't about these things them maybe he probably shouldn't be writing for a site where its readers are more informed than its staff.
-3 #4 techno 2011-11-21 17:46
Tivibu tivibu..la la..la la la..tivibu tivibu ..la la..la la la..tivibu tivibu..la la ..la la la..piledriver core +20% on llano core..la la..la la la...failure failure..la la..la la la..failure failure..la la..la la la
+3 #5 Twist3d1080 2011-11-21 17:50

Amd has stated from the very beginning that the cores in Trinity are Piledriver cores. Basically enhanced Bulldozer cores (what exactly has been enhanced? I don't know.)

Also since the beginning Fusion has been targeted at notebooks. Most of the Llanos and Zacates/Ontarios sold have been in laptops and netbooks. So with that evidence I would say that its foolhardy to believe that Trinity is going to only come in 125w TDP. It would pretty much sink an already sinking AMD.
-1 #6 redisnidma 2011-11-21 18:58
When you see AMD boasting about "Great GPU Performance" buy stays mull about the CPU side, you know it will suck big time.
20% more than Llano?? Bulldozer should have being above this figure (CPU-wise), but it doesn't. Indeed, performance per core is worse.
What this clearly says is that Pile Driver will barely catch up with Sandy Bridge. :-x
-2 #7 nforce4max 2011-11-21 23:52
I guess that I will stand corrected from my past statements on the gpu part but the cpu well I am going to be going lol when Llano shows it's strength over any thing BD Trinity. What I care about the most when it comes to the apu market is the mobile versions. Got a a8 3530mx that I can game at 3ghz when overclocked without issue. They are hiding Trinity's weakness cpu side with a good gpu and expecting that no one is going to notice. Also I want to see some real benchs from multiple sources as these could be rigged. Also there is nothing about clocks or any references to exact models such as a a8 3850 or on the mobile side a a6 3400m.
0 #8 godrilla 2011-11-22 02:49
I wonder how the a15 will perform in windows 8 vs. APU. APU has the more powerful gpu but what about cpu? X86 vs. Arm
ARM has way less power usage and is way cheaper.
Arm vs x86( apu and ivybridge) 2012 stay tuned cant wait.
Ivybridge has the most powerful cpu.
+1 #9 maroon1 2011-11-22 18:44
Donanimhaber is not credible source. THeir slides about Bulldozer were very misleading
0 #10 Jay 2011-11-23 11:36
Quoting Twist3d1080:

Amd has stated from the very beginning that the cores in Trinity are Piledriver cores. Basically enhanced Bulldozer cores (what exactly has been enhanced? I don't know.)

That is not the case Sir please see http://wccftech.com/amd-officially-announces-trinity-bulldozer-dx11-apus-computex-2011-release-scheduled-2012/

You can see the slides at the begining have said its on Bulldozer then its on Piledriver!?

and I do not see Trinity giving load power consumption comparable to an i5...it'll surely suck up 25-35% more under load.

Again, if people go the discrete graphics card route (which most mainstream-mid-end gamers do) CPU performance will be the key.

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