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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 11:24

AMD cuts 800m transistors from Bulldozer spec

Written by

Lost in translation

AMD’s Bulldozer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, so in an apparent effort to clarify some performance issues, the company revised Bulldozer’s transistor count, only to see the move backfire quite badly.

AMD told that its Bulldozer core does not feature 2 billion transistors as previously reported, but rather 1.2 billion. The die size remained unchanged, at 315 square millimeters, so it turns out AMD is only counting transistors actually used by the chip. It seems the other 800 million are looking for work on craigslist and dreaming of moving out of their mom's basement. AMD attributed the whole issue to a simple error, but the move raised more questions than it answered.

On one hand, it means AMD’s new architecture doesn’t really need 2 billion transistors to attain decent performance, on par with mid range Intel chips. However, the chip’s die size and transistor density indicate that it does have shedloads of unused transistors. Exactly how and why a few hundred million unused transistors ended up on the chip is another question. Extremetech believes they are the result of a fully automated design process gone amok, resulting in an “unusually high degree of overhead.”

The difference is quite significant and the site worked out that each of Bulldozer’s eight cores consists of 60 million transistors rather than 91 million. AMD did not comment the issue which is already proving somewhat awkward.

However, we believe it is essentially a positive development for AMD, as it shows Bulldozer still has a lot of room for improvement, 800 million transistors more to be exact. Future iterations could feature a lot more efficient design on the same die size, provided AMD irons out its design process. Yes, we are looking at you Piledriver.

More here.

Last modified on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 11:37
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+12 #1 bbo320 2011-12-06 13:02
Now that they have reduced the transistors 40%, how about a 40% reduction in TDP :)
+4 #2 Alterecho 2011-12-06 14:53
fully automated design process gone amok

Reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times.
+8 #3 trajan2448 2011-12-06 16:21
Kind of like the way the US government misplaces trillions.
0 #4 Super XP 2011-12-06 17:03
This is old news, 2 Billion was rumours, the real amount stated by AMD was 1.2 Billion. Also Bulldozer runs much cooler at stock speeds vs. Phenom II. It is when you start playing with the CPU's vCore is when it starts getting hot.

Also yes Bulldozer is in the news and AMD cannot meet demand, it's selling out bloody fast.
-11 #5 faildozzer 2011-12-06 17:17
Quoting Super XP:
Also yes Bulldozer is in the news and AMD cannot meet demand, it's selling out bloody fast.

I literally LOL'ed at this BS - as working for one of the biggest EU etailers,i know very well how they sell :D and they DONT sell in that way as you stating here - in fact,they selling so badly,that we even reduced prices about 20-35eur,so dont pretend that this $hitdozzer is "popular",or is that new amd fagbots trick to make amd look better than they are? Typical BS from amd fanboys

Quoting bbo320:
Now that they have reduced the transistors 40%, how about a 40% reduction in TDP :)

more like 60% reduction in TDP - who wants pc with 600TDP on full load? answer - amd fagbots happy with that
+3 #6 The blue fox 2011-12-06 17:33
I don't see how they could have ever thought telling people about this was a good idea.
When it comes to Bulldozer. Nothing you can say will fix it's poor performance. So keep your mouth shut, until you have something to replace it.
And direct people's attention towards Lano or the HD 7000 cards.
0 #7 Bl0bb3r 2011-12-06 19:21
Blue, ranting much?

Nothing will fix it, it's not meant to be fixed since it's a marketed product. Wait for Piledriver to see if they fixed something and then complain.

It happened, and as a result the marketing department got downsized. Short and simple.

We will see after the Trinity launch if Piledriver fixed at least the power usage during full load.
-6 #8 Jay 2011-12-06 20:30
Quoting Super XP:
Also yes Bulldozer is in the news and AMD cannot meet demand, it's selling out bloody fast. troll from AMD's marketing group. Your some troll from China who they pay to flood internet with your garbage. I have no respect for you. You're a [censored]ing fag like Rory go & get under his table. [censored]ing troll misleading us wiht your crap information. Why don't you go & buy 100 BD CPU's to save AMD [censored]ing fagmuncher :@
-4 #9 Jay 2011-12-06 20:34
Quoting faildozzer :
I literally LOL'ed at this BS -

Know what I kinda find your posts amusing now at least your saying the truth unlike other idiotic bastards talking shit how well it performs. Guess what BD is a turd. You can polish a turd all day in the end it'll always be a piece of shit. I have no hopes for Piledriver either its the same shit architechture = fail. Won't be suprised if Llanoo's CPU performance is equal to Trinity or better. I said CPU not GPU. [censored]ing trolls.
+1 #10 saneblane 2011-12-06 20:37
The truth of the matter is, is that bulldozer as a server chip, is a multitasking powerhouse. But as a desktop processor it's not, as good as the i5 2500. but Amd can't seem to keep them on the shelves.
Word of mouth is the best marketing, i heard a guy say that his friend with a zambezi, can play a game (crysis 1)and render in the background, while playing and that his i5 2500 couldn't do that. I don't know if it's true but, if i ever saw something like that, I wouldn't give a damn what a review say, i would by one in a heartbeat. so just imagine millions of people like this telling about what bulldozer can do and what sandy bridge can't, and you have the reason they are selling out.

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