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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 12:29

Intel still considers AMD a serious competitor

Written by

APUs offer good price-to-performance ratio

Although Intel has reigned supreme in the high-end CPU market for the better part of a decade, it still considers AMD a serious competitor, according to Intel exec Pat Bliemer.

In an interview with Nordic Hardware, Bleimer said AMD was and always will be a serious competitor in Intel’s eyes. He argued that AMD was having facing manufacturing and architectural challenges and could not compete with Intel directly. However, Llano and Brazos chips are singled out as successful products with competitive pricing.

“It's a pricing game but I think that from a performance and experience point of view it is not much for them right now to really pleased about I think. But they will always stay competitive," he said.

Bleimer went on to say that integrated graphics don’t have much value for enthusiasts, but they are very important in other markets. He believes Intel’s next generation HD 4000 graphics will offer a significant performance boost over crrent Intel graphics and they could take care of some casual gaming as well.

“This is the battle Intel and AMD alike have to battle on how to convince consumers that integrated solutions are sufficient. With AMD's Llano and the changes coming to the integrated graphics on Ivy Bridge (HD 4000), we are seeing how the integrated graphics solution is capable of playing HD content, games or accelerating applications better than ever before,” he said.

So, when it comes to integrated graphics AMD still has the upper hand, but it does not have a very competitive CPU architecture to go along with the graphics.

More here.

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0 #1 dicobalt 2011-12-07 13:29
The only thing serious about AMD is their GPUs. When it comes to CPU performance and power efficiency under load AMD is totally uncompetitive.

Intel is afraid to admit it has the market cornered on x86 because then it may have to deal with new monopoly regulations.
+6 #2 bene 2011-12-07 14:13
did you ever own one? no, of course you didnt!

if you did, you would know, that llano is an undervolt-master. you can save 40-50watts under load compared to default settings, it has the most extreme undervolt capabilities i have ever seen. the default vids are just too high. reason for this are the bad yields at 32nm. trinity will be much better in default. in my htpc i'm running my a8-3850 at 0,95volts@2,3Ghz instead of 1,4volts@2,9Ghz and massively undervolted northbridge. trust me, it can be really efficient.

if you know that, llano gets very competetive on the cpu side to an i3 (even in efficiency), and is still much better on the gpu side.
+5 #3 bene 2011-12-07 14:42
and bulldozer is a really good server cpu (high integer+multith readed loads). look at these benchmarks:

amd is too small, so they had too decide, what too choose. gamers or servers. servers have better margins, so they ve chosen that.
anyway... amd is good for everyone (netbook, notebook, htpc, low end desktop, servers) except high end gamers, they really should buy an intel.
-2 #4 las 2011-12-07 16:24
If not AMD bought ATi or Intel had thrown money in their face several times, they would have been gone by now.
-3 #5 dicobalt 2011-12-07 16:52
Quoting bene:
llano is an undervolt-master. you can save 40-50watts under load compared to default settings

Ok that's all well and good but AMD and OEMs don't configure Llano to work that way with consumer products. That means end products are not competitive unless you happen to know how to undervolt and you also have hardware capable of doing that. OEM customers are the majority of customers and they do not meet either of those conditions. In addition Llano will also be transitioning over to Bulldozer/Piledriver which is even less energy efficient under load.
+4 #6 123s 2011-12-07 18:40
Quoting las:
If not AMD bought ATi or Intel had thrown money in their face several times, they would have been gone by now.
Well, dont forget why Intel had to pay AMD. Who knows where they would be without Intels monopoly abuse.
+3 #7 bene 2011-12-07 18:47
depends on the load (integer/fp,single/multithreaded)h igh clocks are always inefficient. like i said, its not made for gaming. if you want to squeeze 1-2fps more out of your gpu, buy an intel.

in addition to that win7 does not support all features of bulldozer and trinity (like core parking) properly. when you switch to win8 next year, there will be improvements for bulldozer and trinity. take a look at this:,3043-23.html

tell me only one fm1 board not capable of changing voltages! if you can't do it in the bios/uefi, use software like fusiontweaker. of course its not good for random people, but i guess everyone reading fudzilla has the knowledge base to undervolt.
-2 #8 Jay 2011-12-08 01:09
Yeah go trolls again hey I can undervolt this! Hey its a server BEAST! LOL. Seriously you guys? this all you do when you know AMD is having poor products compared to competition? Really monopoly? Well Intel paid the price. Even Samsung, Sharp etc. do LCD price fixing, its called business. Will you stop buying Samsung & go buy Haier tv's then? I buy what gives a better bang for my buck. Hell if AMD stops making CPU's I'll go buy ARM CPU for my desktop if its priced right with more features. You guys are just a bunch of trolls who are trying to put this illusion in front of readers how Intel is evil & AMD is a saint. Just a [censored]ing bunch of AMD PR guys. Real consumer will always buy whats right for his pocket + features unlike you trolls
0 #9 las 2011-12-08 10:11
Yeah it's very impressive that a AMD EIGHT CORE 3.6 GHz performs like a INTEL FOUR CORE 3.3 GHz in SolidWorks.

And losing bigtime in the game tests.
0 #10 Medallish 2011-12-08 11:57
So you're fine with Monopolies and price fixing? Some of us are consistent, but within damn reason, I usually support the smaller company if what they produce is good enough or better, Llano is a better mobile chip for a lot of people, because not only does it handle normal tasks like office work and surfing "good enough" it's a lot faster than Core I'series in terms of graphics horsepower, while being just as mobile. Business isn't pricefixing, it's shitty business and anyone with half a brain would be against it.
I buy what's right for my pocket and my needs, and AMD meets all of them as it is.
That people point out what a CPU is good at shouldn't be considered "trolling" it's like people bringing up Superpi, which is useless irl.

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