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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 19:37

AMD officially announces new A-series APUs

Written by Slobodan Simic

amd vision_logo

Five desktop and eight notebook SKUs

AMD has now officially updated its A-series lineup of Llano based APUs including a total of five desktop and eight mobile SKUs.

The lineup starts with previously detailed and rumoured A8-3870K and A6-3670K, both unlocked quad-core APUs. The rest of the desktop lineup includes the A8-3820 quad-core, packing 4MB of L2 cache, 400 stream processors, clocked at 2.5GHz (2.8GHz Turbo) for the CPU part and 600MHz for the HD 6550D GPU part (the same one on the A8-3870K). The next one is the A6-3620 quad-core clocked at 2.2GHz (2.5GHz Turbo) for the CPU part, with same 4MB L2 cache, 320 stream processors and a GPU clock of 444MHz. Both the A8-3820 and the A6-3620 will have the same 65W TDP. The last in the desktop lineup is the dual-core A4-3420 clocked at 2.8GHz with 1MB of L2 cache, 160 stream processors, GPU clock of 600MHz and a same 65W TDP.

The mobile lineup is a bit more serious and packs a total of eight new APUs including the top A8-3550MX quad core APU with 2.0GHz CPU clock (2.7GHz Turbo), featuring Radeon HD 6620G graphics part with 400 stream processors, 444MHz GPU clock, 4MB of L2 cache and a 45W TDP. The lowest ranked mobile part is the dual-core A4-3305M clocked at 1.9GHz (2.5GHz Turbo) with 1MB of L2 cache, featuring Radeon HD 6480G graphics with 160 stream processors and a 592MHz clock.

The new dekstop APUs should start showing up in the next two weeks while mobile ones depend on the notebook manufacturers and their speed. You can check out the full lineup in the tables below. (via hardwareluxx.de).

amd aseriesdesktop_1

amd aseriesmobile_1

Last modified on Wednesday, 21 December 2011 09:10
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-2 #1 Jay 2011-12-21 11:47
It is a flop coz wasn't FM1 socket going to be replaced by FM2 in Q1 2012? Something tells me FM2 won't come until Q3/Q4 now! Or what is the reason to release products on FM1 so late? Oh yeah go [censored] all CEO who will honor the roadmap he's a liar this entire AMD company is full of liars & cheats, ripping people off. Intel will sue them now coz the stole "K" name. How stupid is the PR team to steal K name, name it Black Edition or unlocked, but no steal K of intel coz Intel have destoryed you & kicked u where the sun don't shine with i5-2500k & i7-2600/2700k. This AMD company cannot be trusted anymore!
+2 #2 mrgerbik 2011-12-21 16:13
I wonder if the mobile chips are still unlocked? If so, they will still represent the best value for notebook rigs - as my current llano 3410mx notebook runs perfect at 24/7 2.2GHz at much less stock voltage (1.0375v)... on top of that I get best in class graphics all for less then 650 bucks.
0 #3 nECrO 2011-12-21 19:11
Any new Fusion product is good news for AMD. They are well regarded and really don't have any competition in their market segment. I built an HTPC for a buddy over the this past summer around the 3850 and it's running like a top. Cool and quiet and does what it's supposed to do.
-1 #4 Jay 2011-12-22 09:13
Quoting nECrO:
I built an HTPC for a buddy over the this past summer around the 3850 and it's running like a top. Cool and quiet and does what it's supposed to do.
What kind of HTPC did you make with an ATX board? LOL. Fusion iTX boards are rare & overpriced. Intel H67 ones are cheap enough. i3 will destroy the 3850 in CPU tasks & Power consumption which is most essential for HTPC's so they run cool. With money saved you put in a discreet $50 graphics card & it will destroy that AMD APU graphic performance too. Please if your idiot to buy stupid things don't let us know of it! :lol:

You have been Exposed --> http://scalibq.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/yes-amd-fanboys-are-idiots/

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