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Ouya console will be the size of Rubik's Cube

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Nothing like classic consoles

Fuseproject's lead hardware designer behind the Ouya console project, Ives BĂ©har, told Kotaku that the development team behind the Ouya console made sure that the consule will resemble anything but an classic console and should end up as small as Rubik's Cube.

Mr. BĂ©har noted that they "made a deliberate attempt" in order to go away from current shapes and that Ouya is quite small for a console, around the size of a Rubik's Cube and will easily fit anywhere in the room and also be easy to throw in a backpack. He also added that airflow will be important as obviously Tegra chip does tend to be warm but with enough room to breathe, it should not be a problem.

The hackable US $99 Ouya console has stirred quite an attention and has raised over US $5.4 million. Ives BĂ©har also noted that they are still reading all ideas and inputs from passionate gamers and are ready to take them all into account in order to create a great console.

You can check out the entire Ives BĂ©har Q&A over at

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Last modified on 24 July 2012
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