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PoV/TGT Midas Force PowerPack 12000mAh reviewed


The packaging is sturdy and you can see the device through the clamshell plastics. For some reason the packaging states that the PowerPack MF-1200 (PowerPack 12000) is compatible with HTC Android phones, but of course it is compatible with all other smartphones as well, provided you choose the right connector.

The bundle includes:

USB to Micro-USB cable (length: 75 cm),
USB to hollow-plug cable (length: 75 cm),
Micro USB adapter,
Mini USB adapter,
Nokia adapter,
iPad/iPhone adapter,
Samsung Galaxy Tab adapter,
Samsung phone adapter.

You will also get velvet pouch that is practical for keeping all the bits in one place. It’s a neat touch.


Last modified on 01 February 2013
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