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Final Evolution of the Raspberry Pi B arrives

More power and new hardware with the same price

The folks at the Raspberry Pi foundation have announced what they calling the “Final Evolution” of the Raspberry Pi revision B hardware. The new model which they are calling the B+ adds more to the original design of the B revision, for the same $35 price tag.

The B+ expands the GPIO header, adds 2 additional USB ports for a total of 4, it does away with the old SD card socket and moves to a new push-push micro-SD card slot, lower power consumption, better audio, and an improved form factor.

Since the Raspberry Pi has been so successful, there have been a number of other low cost solutions that have entered the market place. Once would have to assume that a model C has to be something that the Raspberry Pi folks are thinking about for the future, but right now the B+ really adds everything necessary to keep the momentum for this low cost wonder box moving forward. You can order B+ right now.

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