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Saturday, 02 June 2007 10:06

June to start in Taipei

Written by Fudzilla staff

The calm before the Computex storm


You might have noticed the slow news this past week. No matter what our staff did or came up with, there is no way to hide the simple fact that few if any significant events took place. Although those 8,000 souls loosing their jobs at Dell and some of their IBM colleagues may rightfully disagree with me.

I mean, what has the typical hardware news looked like over the past week: “These guys are going to do that at Computex ?” It was a great week for lame companies and people who wanted to get some publicity, but we didn’t’ see much of that either, or at least we didn’t find out about it. Well, all that’s about to change, as in just four days Lars and Fudo will see to it.

This week’s FUDware ? Without a doubt ATI’s 65 nanometre parts, Intel’s G3x chipsets and AMD’s RD790 boards for their K10 silver bullets.

Intel’s quad core QX6850 and the super overclockable $90 E2140 got some nice reviews. Budget minded consumers will find the latter one very interesting.

The AACS key and XboX were hacked again, but Redmond had its share of good news too. They showcased Surface, the gadget of the week, announced that they have sold a million Zunes in less than 200 days, and confirmed the release of Service Pack 3 for XP.

While Japan’s NHK demonstrated their 33Mega pixel Super Hi-Vision video, ATI was in hot water all over again with the R600 UVD issue, or rather the “lack of UVD” issue.

Their R600 is a turning out to be the Paris Hilton of GPU’s. It’s hot, draws way too much attention, always gets into trouble, it was late more than once and it came with a bang followed by a slight disappointment. But at least everyone on the net saw it and knows about it. Love it or hate it, it gets more than enough publicity.

However the 65nm parts look like they have a bright future ahead of them. Hopefully they will not follow the path of the recently jailed misdemeanor, they will work for their money, even on AGP. The upgrade market should appreciate that, as they will come sooner than their DirectX 10 AGP counterparts from Nvidia.

Nvidia seems to be sitting back and enjoying the ride, not even bothering to show something new at Computex and announcing their integrated 7 series chipsets with a silent whisper. Our Vienna based one-man-lab-army had a field day overclocking their low end cards, and these cheapish things were a pleasant surprise.

Gamers might be a bit disappointed with the Starcraft II delay, but there’s a few things too look forward to, namely Crysis, just check out the new video. The new version NFS is out, Company of Heroes got a DX10 patch and if you have some primeval reflexes and no fear of embarrassment you can challenge Fatal1ty for $3k in Taiwan. Good luck with that one.

If you don’t fancy flying to Taiwan, just stay tuned. An eventful week is ahead of us and we will do our best to get you some interesting news and gossip from Taiwan.

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Fudzilla staff

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