45+ million sold for GTA 5
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Only 10 million of those on Xbox One & PS4 consoles

When we talk about impressive sales numbers they are in the millions. When we talk about the sales of the big titles it in the tens of millions.

GTA 5 for PC delayed after all
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Will be released on March 24th now

The continued rumors that we have been hearing the last couple of weeks about Grand Theft Auto 5 having its PC release delayed, has turned out to be true as confirmed by Rockstar.

Signs point to the possibility of it happening


Only for Xbox One, PS4, and PC version

Want to ensure that it is as polished as possible

Next-gen version to arrive on the 18th

Latest trailer confirms the target release

With a bunch of graphics and feature improvements

Rockstar said to have next-gen title coming in March

Seems to be models from 2006 to 2008