Huawei scores own goal
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Chinese PR makes it look evil again

Huawei has done a great job of convincing many that it is the underdog in the great spying row with the US and that it is really not a secretive outfit which is secretly spying on Western powers.

Huawei sees future for LiteOS
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The OS which would be king

Chinese firm Huawei predicted that within 10 years there will be 100 billion connected devices and its ultra-lightweight operating system to be at the heart of the infrastructure.

Huawei launches P8
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Magical splash proof coating

Huawei finally launched its P8 and the P8 Max, a phablet version of the device.

US tech companies lean on EU
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Nice trade bloc you have there..  terrible if something happened to it

US tech giants have spent fortunes leaning on EU politicians to stop them from forcing them to pay tax or facing the music when it comes to their anti-trust schemes.

Samsung loses more market share in China
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Drops to fourth spot first time since 2011

Samsung is having a tough time keeping up with aggressive competitors in mainland China, and now it has lost another spot in the rankings. 

Huawei offers cheap smartphone online
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Honor 4C

Huawei has launched a new Honor 4C smartphone which is supposed to be the company's answer to Xiaomi.

Huawei unveils P8 series flagships
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Ultraslim, all-metal design

Huawei’s new Ascend P8 is official, with a 6.4mm thin metal body and chamfered edges. 

Shocka: Huawei uses 8 Cortex-A53 cores on high-end part
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Cheaper and more efficient

Huawei has dispensed with big Cortex-A57 cores in favour of tweaked Cortex-A53 cores on its new flagship SoC. 

Huawei Honor 6 Plus coming to Europe in May
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€399 for killer spec phablet

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus is coming to Euroland, and the oversized quasi flagship launches are relatively attractive price point. 

Huawei calls for Google to let it off the leash
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Free up Android Wear

Huawei has called for Google to free up its Android Wear software and allow it to be more customisable.