McAfee puts spanner into Intel’s sell off
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I didn’t sell you my name

Industry colourful character John McAfee might be getting ready to put a spanner in the works of Intel’s multi-billion dollar spin off of its security business.

AMD takeover rumors re-emerge
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It’s the takeover tango - one more time

I can’t remember how many times in the last 20 years that I’ve written up rumors that AMD is ripe for a takeover but now it seems it’s time to do it one more time.

Moore’s Law ain’t dead claims AMD
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It’s just resting

AMD CTO, Mark Papermaster, has told the world+dog that despite claims to the contrary Moore’s Law is not dead, it is getting better, and be going Vroom any day now.

Intel buys Movidius
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06 September 2016

Intel buys Movidius

It's that vision thing

Chip giant Intel said it will buy Movidius, a company that specialises in VR headets, drones and robots.

Intel’s 7nm process delayed until 2022
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Changes in job adverts

Intel may have delayed the arrival of its 7 nm processing technology until 2022.

Intel ships notebook Kaby Lakes
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Desktop CPUs by the end of the year

Intel has begun delivering its next-generation notebook-use Kaby Lake processors and will start shipping comparable desktop-use CPUs by the end of 2016.

Razer updates its Blade notebooks
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Kaby Lake CPU and Pascal GPU

Razer said it has updated its Blade and Blade Stealth notebooks with some new and shiny hardware, including Intel's latest Kaby Lake CPUs and Nvidia Pascal-based GPUs, all in time to show them off at the  PAX show this weekend.

Minix thinks about new stuff
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With Intel Cherry Trail SoC and Windows 10 OS

Minix has announced its newest mini-PC that should offer premium Windows 10 experience on Intel's Cherry Trail, all packed in a fanless mini-PC chassis, the Minix NEO Z83-4.

New Intel and AMD chips will only support Windows 10
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Update or nothing new

Buried in the announcement of the new Kaby Lake (seventh-generation) processors and a rash of incoming notebooks set to use them is the confirmation that it will have a Windows 10 future.

Intel's Kaby Lake will have "over 100 designs" available in Q4
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Third generation 14nm+ notebooks starting in September

Over the past months, we have written bits and pieces of information about Intel’s Kaby Lake, its third-generation 14nm architecture which officially debuted on Tuesday.