Italian teen found what Apple security experts couldn't
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Forbidden to fix it

An Italian teenager has found two zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple's OS X operating system that could be used to gain remote access to a computer.

Terrorists now using Government spying software
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Hack becomes a world nightmare

An Italian security outfit which makes spying packages for various world governments has admitted that its software is now in the hands of terrorists after a recent hack.

Apple faces Italian tax evasion charges
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Pasta La Vista baby

Italian coppers have enough evidence to charge the fruity cargo cult Apple with tax evasion.

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No internet but a good idea anyway

Court says no

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Koch Media to handle distribution in those regions


Could not cite its sources


Search engines could be responsible for pirated content

Changes rules on advertising in Italy
07 January 2011

Computer addict jailed


Played 22 hours a day and beat his wife