Crossfire and SLI market is just 300.000 units
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Insider confirms

Next time you get to complain about the lack of SLI support or Crossfire support, you will have to remember this number.

EVGA announces new Pro SLI Bridges V2
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New special SLI bridges for multi-GPU systems

EVGA has announced its newest Pro SLI Bridges V2 which will bring several improvements compared to both reference as well as previous generation SLI bridges.

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Vivaaa Las Vegas, Vivaaa Las Vegas


Faster than the Titan

Review: Relatively good value

EVGA X79 Dark and EVGA GTX Titan cards to blame


Review: More affordable alternative to GTX 680 SLI/GTX 690

Really not something you need for Excel

Triple-screen support

OEM-only card goes to retail