Smartwatches cause car accidents claim
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Begun the lawsuits have

Fruity cargo cult Apple's latest nice looking over priced junkware is getting it into a spot of legal bother.

Google smartwatch initiative tanks
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Only Apple expects it to be great

It is starting to look like only Apple and its allies in the Tame Apple press think that smartwatches are a good idea.

Smartwatches still not that popular

microsoft-band logo

Microsoft Band has no trombone  


€299 and €199, early listings suggest

High expectations meet reality

Coming early next year for US $349

05 September 2014

Moto 360 launches at $249

$299 with metal strap

IFA 2014: With 1.63-inch curved AMOLED screen


Opinion: Project Ara on your wrist, with a twist