Tizen is more popular than Blackberry
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Sorry Blackberry fans another negative story

We are in a bind here, we get accused of bashing Blackberry and told that really it is the best thing in the world, while at the same time its slow slide into obscurity continues.

Samsung announces Tizen watch
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Gear 2 gives Apple a run for its money

Samsung has officially announced its new smartwatch which it has based on its own Tizen operating system.

Samsung updates Tizen
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Heading for big time

Samsung has been updating its operating system which sounds like a sneeze – Tizen.

Coming to India to take on Android One

It is not vapourware more vapour-rub

Samsung could be onto a winner

25 February 2014

Tizen goes wearable

Smart watches and more?

12 November 2013

More support for Tizen

Is an Android killer coming?

Might show up in August

Japan gets first dibs