HoloLens possible for connection to PC & Xbox
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Looking into how it might be used and work

Now that everyone has seen the HoloLens, the obvious question is can it be connected to the PC or better yet, the Xbox One? Well, Microsoft is already a step ahead of your thinking because they are exploring ways that the HoloLens might be used with both the PC and the Xbox One. The thing is that they don't have anything definite yet.

Xbox One streaming coming in Windows 10
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Only for Xbox One exclusive releases

Microsoft showed off its new Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 at the Windows 10 event. With the new Xbox application for Windows 10 it will allow for the streaming and playing from the Xbox One on both Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Ori and the Blind Forest gets a release date
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Download for $19.99 starting on March 1st

Developer Moon Studios who has been working on the Xbox exclusive Ori and the Blind Forest has confirmed a new release date. Originally Ori and the Blind Forest was supposed to be released in November of last year, but it was held back for additional tweaking and development.

Xbox One $349 price extended
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Microsoft says it is not yet permanent

Microsoft has announced that it is again running the Xbox One for $349 promotion that it had so much success with this holiday season. Doesn't that mean that Microsoft is cutting the price of the Xbox One to $349?

Minecraft to get Simpsons skins
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The Simpsons content pack to set you back $1.99

Did you happen to see that Simpsons episode where the family was turned into Minecraft avatars?

Xbox One updates to continue in February
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More ability to customize your home screen

Microsoft plans to start the next round of update to the Xbox One in February. The plans for the February pack of updates include a number of updates, but perhaps the biggest news is the addition of “tile transparency” which allows you to see more of your custom background.

Download confusion cleared up for Xbox One owners
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Digital-purchases remain playable even if removed

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One owners do not have to fear the possibility of their digital purchases disappearing, even if they are pulled from the Xbox Store. Like on the Xbox 360, if a title is pulled from the Xbox Store, those that have purchased it will still be available for the original purchase to download again.

Turtle Rock confirms Evolve is gold
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Beta for Xbox One starts January 15th

Turtle Rock and publisher 2K have confirmed that Evolve has gone gold and had been sent out to replication. The game will release in February as previously announced.

SDK leaked for Xbox One
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Will it get unsigned code running

The hacker group H4LT is claiming responsibility for leaking the Xbox One SDK documentation. The SDK offers significant documentation about the hardware and software used on the Xbox One. It is unknown if it will help get unsigned code running on the console.

Xbox One to add Sling TV
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First console to get it

Microsoft is partnering with Sling TV to add its Video-On-Demand service to the Xbox One platform. The Sling TV service which is backed by DISH, delivers a variety of channels for $20 per month.