Staying with broadband company can cost you
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Citizens Advice warns

Anyone who stays with their broadband company will end up paying a loyalty tax, according to the UK Citizens Advice watchdog.

EU wants a minimum Internet download speed of 100Mbps
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By 2025

The European Commission wants “all European households” to have a minimum Internet download speed of 100Mbps+ by 2025, with businesses and the public sector being told to expect 1Gbps+.

ISP broadband beaten by a pigeon
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Faster at 4GB transfer

Customers of a South African ISP were so cross with the outfit’s poor broadband speeds they arranged a data transfer race between it and a pigeon.

European ISPs exaggerate their speeds
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But are cheaper and faster than the US

A new EU Commission survey shows that European ISPs don't deliver on the download speeds they advertise. While the US ISPs are a little more honest, the Europeans are cheaper and faster.

Lufthansa Ready For Short and Mid-Haul Broadband
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In-flight entertainment on short flights gets a boost.

German powerhouse of an airline, Lufthansa, is ready to start offering broadband Internet access on their short and mid-haul flights. European businessmen on the redeye flights to Frankfurt and other business hubs on the continent won't have to stop communicating while on board a plane any more. For better or worse.

Intel pounces on better bandwidth router chips
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Puma 7 lands on its paws

Intel has released its new Puma 7 DOCSIS 3.1 chip and while router chips are normally a bit of a yawn this one could lead to multi-gigabit cable modems.

Qualcomm sells Spectrum
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Captain Scarlet to take voluntary redundancy

Chipmaker Qualcomm has flogged off a chunk of the l-Band spectrum it has in Britain.


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