BIOS is hacking gateway
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Flash will save every one of us

Security experts, Corey Kallenberg and Xeno Kovah have demonstrated a proof of concept hack which uses the BIOS chips that contain the firmware of a computer's motherboard.

Sony hack turns ironic
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22 December 2014

Sony hack turns ironic

Don’t you think?

As the fallout form the Sony hack starts to get silly, with the studios lobbying the US to go to war with North Korea – or something like that – the US government has asked China for help.

25 October 2012

PS3 hacked again

ps3 slim

Custom firmware & security keys released

playstation logo new

Perfect security is an illusion

07 August 2012

Reuters hacked


Software out of date


No I don't want to test a bloody iPhone 5


So called blended attack


Good and bad still members

360,000 customers hit
08 June 2011

iOS 5 jailbroken


Tethered for now