Apple staff to offer fashion advice
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Because they are so damn hip

The fruity cargo cult Apple has decide that the world needs fashion advice from the spotty, tee-shirt wearing "genii" who populate its modern cathedrals to consumer shallowness.

Apple has security concerns about Watch
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May elect to install special safes in Apple Stores

Apple is said to have some security concerns about the new Apple Watch. The new gold Apple Watch could sell for as much as $5K and up and that isn't small money at all.

Consumers already bored of Apple’s watch
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Vapourware interest has peaked

It appears that Apple waited too long and relied too much on the press to keep interest in its iWatch vapourware product going. 

microsoft-band logo

iWatch still vapourware

About as useful as a course of leeches

Third party devs on board

Apple invites fashion pubs to presser

Will be ready in time for Apple's smart TV

It will have multiple designs