EU votes for new cyber security laws
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Major changes afoot

The European Parliament voted to spruce up the EU’s cyber security laws in a move which will have many companies tearing their hare (sic) and stamping on their rabbits.

UK spying law is illegal
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Courts say it needs a re-think

The British High Court has ruled that Emergency surveillance legislation introduced by the coalition government last year is illegal.

Daft Aussies want to ban teaching encryption
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Throw another dumb law on the barbie

Australia want to ban the teaching of encryption so that it can save the nation from all the spying that is going on.

Assange's face causes mass walk-out
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Aussie convict is an insult to British Justice

The Commonwealth Law Conference in Glasgow was subjected to walk outs and boycott from Judges and Lawyers once it became known that Julian Assange was to appear by video link from the Ecuadorian embassy.

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Three firms file class action suits

white house

FCC will get reprive


Three strikes copyright law comes into force

Forget the Constitution we need to protect Hollywood

Says Motorola rates unreasonable

Because not everyone on the Internet is a kid