UK coppers call on hackers
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We know what you are thinking

UK coppers have hit on a novel idea of scaring the bejesus out of hackers by popping around for a nice cup of tea and a chocky biscuit.

Siri joins the 9/11 conspiracy
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Lizard on Board

Fruity cargo cult Apple is apparently part of the Lizard inspired illuminati cover-up of the 9/11 terrorist plot.

Coppers find hackers too hard to catch
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Only one hacker a month arrested

Despite 100,000 cyber crimes being committed every year UK coppers only caught 12 hackers.

y handcuffs

We will arrest you on the basis of our software

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Bugs Bunny said to be the culprit


Run before beta testing starts

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Inquiry into arrests

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Only in Japan so far, but could signal things to come

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Unless they pay missing man’s phone bill