Nvidia GTX Titan X priced in Europe
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Priced as high as €1,249

Announced officially at GPU Technology Conference 2015 with a US $999 price tag it appears that Europe has once again going to suffer when it comes to price as the GTX Titan X will go as high as €1,249 depending on the country and taxes.

T-Mobile Germany prices Galaxy S6 at €699,95
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Galaxy S6 Edge is €849.95 contract-free

The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like a great device, the best Galaxy device in a while, and some mobile providers have already priced the S6, along with the curved S6 Edge. 

Cash will solve its problems

iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini 2


Retailer/e-tailer wants €1,399


Will put a lot of pressure on Nvidia

nvidiashield logo 

Preparing for the 27th of June launch


Will drop to $130 this holiday season


Nothing Mini about the price though

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PRO at €139