Turtle Rock confirms Evolve is gold
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Beta for Xbox One starts January 15th

Turtle Rock and publisher 2K have confirmed that Evolve has gone gold and had been sent out to replication. The game will release in February as previously announced.

Databank nice answer for PS4 owners
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External bay adds ability for 3.5” hard drives

Nyko has come up with a pretty nice solution for PlayStation 4 owners who need to upgrade their internal hard drive.

Horizon 2 gets G-Shock Car Pack
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Everyone gets 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 for free

In keeping up with the car packs sees Forza Horizon 2 get its latest Car Pack for download.

Tony Hawk confirms PS4 release in 2015
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No word on if it will be a multi-platform release

Tony Hawk himself confirmed a 2015 release of a new game that bears his name for the PlayStation 4. During Sony’s press conference where he was there to promote the Action-Cam, he spent a few minutes afterward talking about the game.

SDK leaked for Xbox One
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Will it get unsigned code running

The hacker group H4LT is claiming responsibility for leaking the Xbox One SDK documentation. The SDK offers significant documentation about the hardware and software used on the Xbox One. It is unknown if it will help get unsigned code running on the console.

Xbox One to add Sling TV
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First console to get it

Microsoft is partnering with Sling TV to add its Video-On-Demand service to the Xbox One platform. The Sling TV service which is backed by DISH, delivers a variety of channels for $20 per month.

Sony confirms 18.5 million PS4 units sold
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PS4 sales marching close to 20 million

Sony has confirmed that it has sold 18.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide as of January 4th.

Revamped Avatars coming for Xbox One
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Better graphics and more functionality

While Microsoft has more planned improvements coming for the user interface on the Xbox One, the company is also planning new Avatars to take advantage of the new hardware.

Mighty No. 9 development pretty much finished
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Working on getting all the ports done

Keiji Inafune has confirmed through a New Year’s message that all of work on Mighty No. 9 is finished and his studio along with Init Creates and Abstraction Game will be working with Comcept.

VR headset well into development
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Microsoft is targeting production for 2015

While we can’t get a real handle on when Microsoft might reveal the VR headset that they have had in development, we have learned from our sources that it is well into development and some selected developers already have developmental prototypes.