Next Hitman is on tap for later this year
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IO Interactive will reveal more details later

IO Interactive the developers of the Hitman franchise and publisher Square Enix apparently are planning the release of a new Hitman title later this year as confirmed on the Hitman Twitter feed.

Rock Band to get new DLC
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Harmonix to add three new songs

Back in February of 2013 Rockband developer Harmonix confirmed that they had no plans after April of 2013 to provide any additional DLC songs. Now we have learned that the will be releasing three new songs for purchase and download.

Layoffs plague Codemasters
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Staff of under 20 working new DiRT title

Racing developer Codemasters has been hit with layoffs. The team responsible for development of the yet to be announced DiRT title has been downsized to less than twenty. Due to the reduction in man power, sources are whispering to us that the planned early access release in February is now unlikely at best.

Microsoft opens Decisive Games
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Is a new Age of Empires coming?

Microsoft has opened a brand new gaming studio that will be focused on strategy games. The studio is said to be working on the next chapter in a beloved strategy games franchise. This information comes from a number of job postings on the company’s web site.

Download confusion cleared up for Xbox One owners
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Digital-purchases remain playable even if removed

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One owners do not have to fear the possibility of their digital purchases disappearing, even if they are pulled from the Xbox Store. Like on the Xbox 360, if a title is pulled from the Xbox Store, those that have purchased it will still be available for the original purchase to download again.

Details coming for Hardline Beta
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More info each week till release

Visceral has announced that they will be dropping new info each week on Battlefield Hardline till release.

Turtle Rock confirms Evolve is gold
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Beta for Xbox One starts January 15th

Turtle Rock and publisher 2K have confirmed that Evolve has gone gold and had been sent out to replication. The game will release in February as previously announced.

Databank nice answer for PS4 owners
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External bay adds ability for 3.5” hard drives

Nyko has come up with a pretty nice solution for PlayStation 4 owners who need to upgrade their internal hard drive.

Horizon 2 gets G-Shock Car Pack
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Everyone gets 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 for free

In keeping up with the car packs sees Forza Horizon 2 get its latest Car Pack for download.

Tony Hawk confirms PS4 release in 2015
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No word on if it will be a multi-platform release

Tony Hawk himself confirmed a 2015 release of a new game that bears his name for the PlayStation 4. During Sony’s press conference where he was there to promote the Action-Cam, he spent a few minutes afterward talking about the game.