TSMC starts work on new 5nm plant
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 3nm will be on the same site in 2020

TSMC will break ground this week for the construction of its new 5nm fab in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), where its 3nm fab is believed to see construction start in 2020.

Companies need to push application performance
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Cloud expert says Spectre and Meltdown requires company effort for a long time

While Intel still is unable to get a patch out to fix Spectre and Meltdown, companies need to sort out their managing application performance, a cloud expert has warned.

Assange is a problem and a nuisance says Nobel Peace Prize winner
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Ecuadorian president loses patience 

The president of Ecuador is getting more miffed at Julian Assange as the WikiLeaks founder enters his sixth year as a fugitive inside the country's embassy in London.

Boditrax's cloud upgrade proves successful
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No pain with lots of gain for fitness outfit

Health, fitness and wellbeing digital solutions provider, boditrax, has partnered with cloud network outfit Netmetix, to migrate to the cloud.

Apple claims “everyone can code”
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Well other than the guy who does our clock software

The Fruity Cargo Cult Apple, which appears to have forgotten its irony pills, is launching an initiative for kids called “everyone can code”.

LG Display moves to plastic OLED panels
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Saved itself from angry shareholders

LG Display saved itself from the wrath of Wall Street for its lack-lustre performance by announcing that it will begin making plastic organic light-emitting diode panels at a new line in South Korea in the third quarter.

Intel warns about installing its chip patch
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Torvalds was right - Intel is a chicken with its head cut off

A day after Linus Torvalds warned that Intel’s patching for a severe security flaw on its chips was “garbage”, Intel has warned users not to upgrade.

Nvidia moves against the miners
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Suggests retailers limit sales

Nvidia appears to have had enough of bitcoin miners forcing up the prices of its GPUs and is starting to make a few half-hearted moves to reassure gamers it still wants their money.

Toshiba considers IPO for memory unit
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Plan B if Bain sale falls through

Toshiba is considering an IPO of its prized memory chip business if an agreed $18 billion sale of the unit to Bain Capital fails to gain antitrust approval by the end of March

US sanctions causing Microsoft problems in Russia
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Two of Microsoft’s official Russian distributors have imposed restrictions on sales of Microsoft software to more than 200 Russian companies following new US sanctions.